WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

How to Enable/Disable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages (Turn On/Off)

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages: It’s time to stay updated. And when it comes to WhatsApp then you need to stay tuned with its updates. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows the removal of messages which can be used by anyone. So, let’s get ready to know how to stimulate disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

Let’s dive in deep to understand what it is and how it works.


What is WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

WhatsApp has released a new feature that allows the users can convey a message that will get disappeared after seven days after it was sent. This feature can be authorized either by the user in a particular chat. Users can also activate this feature for chatting in groups. When we consider groups, then this message disappearing feature can only be permitted or impaired by anyone who is the admin of that particular group. So, why waste so much time? Take a look at the steps to turn on the disappearing messages feature in WhatsApp.

How to turn on WhatsApp Disappearing Messages? 

Users get the opportunity to activate the disappearing messages from WhatsApp for any individual chat. The moment you activate these features, the messages which users send in chat automatically gets disappeared after seven days it was sent. Here we have listed out the steps that will help you to activate WhatsApp disappearing texts feature.

Step 1: First, install the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. 

Step 2: Tap for the chat option.

Step 3: Then, create your contact list or group name.

Step 4: You might get an option named ‘Disappearing messages’. Tap on it.

Step 5: When assisted, then click on the ‘Continue’ button. Click ‘On’.

And it’s done! Automatically after seven days, your messages will disappear.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Features

Something special about this feature? You can find this message disappearing feature quite similar to Telegram’s self-destruct timing feature. Telegram’s self-destruct timers give the ability to its users to fix a particular time range such that the messages get disappeared from your chat. But in the case of WhatsApp, this happens after a week. 

WhatsApp will keep rolling out all the upcoming disappearing messages feature for the users. This feature is available across major platforms like Android, Web, iOS, and KaiOS. Don’t forget that this feature might not be available on your device. But after updating its latest version you can enjoy this feature without any interruption.

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How to turn off WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

Once you’re done using this disappearing message feature then you can turn off it when you find it of no use. The moment you disable this feature, the messages you’ve sent in the chat or group will disappear. Do follow these steps to disable WhatsApp disappearing texts:

Step 1: Again, launch WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2: Open and click on a chat.

Step 3: Likewise choose a contact or a group name.

Step 4: Then, tap on the ‘Disappearing messages’ option.

Step 5: When it’s suggested, click on ‘Continue’ and tap on the ‘Off’ button. 

In the end, we know that it is also worth noting that the media files you send in WhatsApp chat can easily be downloaded on your device if you switch on the auto-download option. Thus, it will still help you to remove messages from the chat. Also, forwarded messages can disappear. So, let them disappear. 






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