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Download 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS (Free)

Nowadays, the smartphones available in the market are fitted with outstanding cameras for capturing images and videos. But most of us love to do video editing or photo editing as a profession or just for fun. For all those, let’s explore some of the video editing apps.

Firstly, we need to know how do these editing apps work? The video-editing applications allow the users to trim videos, edit videos, add filters, and prepare short movies with these videos. Some applications come with advanced features with which you can add colors, lighting effects, or special effects to your videos. Also, you can edit audio tracks and voice-overs to your videos.

Let’s discuss a list of best video editing apps for Android and iOS which can be used by any Android or iOS users.


List of 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS:

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush - Tecksolving

The application has replaced its older version, i.e. Adobe Premiere Clip. With this application, you can shoot, edit, trim, and share your videos to any platform. It’s one of the best video editing applications for professionals. They can easily share their videos via social media directly and allows users to access it on iPhones, iPods, smartphones, and PC. 


  • It includes drag and drops features for the photo, video, audio, and graphics.
  • It allows modifying color, captions, transitions, voiceovers, etc. 
  • Inbuilt three audio tracks and four video tracks for creativity. 
  • With free Adobe Stock, you can change the color, size, and font of videos and images.
  • With Adobe Sensei record voiceovers, add music, and use advanced tools like sound balancing, noise compression, and auto-ducking.
  • Share on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 
  • Automatically stores your videos so you can retrieve it anytime.
  • Free to use but the premium version is for $10 per month.

Download Link:  Android  iOS

  1. GoPro:

GoPro Video Editor

GoPro is one of the best video editing apps for Android and iOS users. The application comes with an explicit and simple interface. With this application, you can automatically imply action footage that allows you to sync your videos, photos, audio clips, music, headlines, and time-lapse sequences. Also, you can incorporate graphs or statistics. With the Horizon Levelling editor, you can simply twitch the angle of your camera and focus on a mounted line with the horizon. 


  • Share your piece on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or as a document or email. 
  • The application is available for free. 
  • To access special soundtracks and auto-uploading photos and videos feature you need the GoPro plus subscription for editing. 
  • A horizontal leveling feature is available.
  • Easy interface for handling. 
  • Templates cannot be edited.

Download Link: Android  iOS

  1. iMovie:

iMovie Video Editor For Mobile

For all the iPhone and iPad users this the application is available. In this application, you can watch movies and trailers in an elegant style. It has inbuilt themes and templates for movie making with titles, subtitles, transitions, effects, and music. You can also add filters, slow motion, fast-forward, soundtracks, and special effects to your videos. 


  • It comes with some special features like split-screen, green screen, and picture-in-picture. 
  • There are 14 templates, customized movie logos, posters, and credits available in the app.
  • Share your video on YouTube.
  • Also, you can access it from any external hard drives, SD cards, or USB drives. 
  • Supports Dark Mode and Share sheet in iOS 13.  

Download Link:  iOS

  1. KineMaster:

KineMaster Mobile Video Editor

It is one of the best android-only professional video editing apps. This versatile tool enables you to create, edit, and export your video to mobile phones and tablets. And you don’t have to worry about its quality. It allows you to trim video clips, edit images, videos, and audio track. 


  • It is packed with advanced features like edit previews, color LUT filters, speed controls, volume control, chroma key compositing, and 3D transitions. 
  • Available for free. 
  • Adds watermarks to videos that need a subscription for removing.
  • For Android users only.
  • A precise multi-tracking feature.

Download Link: Android  iOS 

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a popularly known video editing application available for both Android and iOS users. It has a multi-tracking interface for full HD video editing, slo-mo, special effects, video collage effects, picture-in-picture, and blue screen or green screen for background editing, voice-overs, etc. 


  • Share on YouTube and Facebook. 
  • Native export is 720p.
  • After subscription, you can export to 1080p and 4K.
  • High-resolution video creation, ad removal, and watermark are available free for seven days.
  • Glitch effect, transitions, and blending modes with 4 mask tools are also available. 

Download Link: Android   iOS

  1. Vizmato

Vizmato Video Editor

For all the fun lovers out there, this application is easy to use. Like other apps, it allows you to add themes, filters, music, special effects, and text to videos.


  • Sharing on Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 
  • It has more than 20 video themes and many special effects, and 140 background music samples. 
  • With a voice-changing effect, you can disguise your voice and play different characters. 
  • Slo-mo, fast-forward, reverse effects, custom text, or stickers can be added. You can shoot HD video through its live recording system. 
  • Vizmato is free. Also, has a Pro version for $12 per year with which you can remove the watermark, and add a Visual FX pack. 

Download Link: Android   iOS

  1. Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera assures that all videos and photos you capture have a landscape orientation. You don’t need to rotate your phone while shooting as a result will be horizontal. It automatically levels your photos and videos to correct the orientation of your creation. 


  • Includes VGA, HD, Full HD, and 4K resolution.
  • With this, you can add fun filters, geo-tagging, three leveling modes, and HDR photos. 
  • A lossless zooming feature allows AirPlay mirroring at the time of recording. 
  • Supports video creation in different ratios with your front and back camera.
  • Its pro version is available at $2 with additional filter packs and removes the watermark.

Download Link: Andriod   iOS

  1. Inshot:


It is one of the best video editing apps for iOS and Android users for social media. It inbuilt canvas sizes for everything creating IGTV videos. It comes with a clear and engaging interface. You can easily trim, import, and edit video clips. Then, add filters, captions, stickers, emojis, and music and sound effects that are available for free.


  • It helps you to create engaging social videos. 
  • Can be easily exported to YouTube.
  • Available for free.
  • It has funny stickers, emojis, and filters.
  • Cannot be used for professional purposes.

Download Link: Android   iOS

  1. FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo Video editing App

With FilmoraGo, you can mix both photos and videos and add themes and templates for creating raw videos and movies. You can have plenty of soundtrack from its inbuilt library having licensed songs. It allows you to alter, trim, fast and slow motion, repetition, and rotate your videos. 


  • Share your videos on Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can create and import real-time videos.
  • App is available for free.
  • Good user interface.
  • Offers UI improvements, transition effects, reverse video feature, blurred background, and animations.

Download Link: Android   iOS 

  1. Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro

It’s a pro-level video editing app for iPhone or iOS users. It comes with 30 excellent filters, 17 transition effects, and Audiometer inbuilt for voiceovers. It is an excellent choice for video grading, a green screen, 200 fonts for your text overlaying, and chroma keying.


  • The application is available for free.
  • There are also inbuilt purchases with an annual or monthly subscription.
  • It comes with a free trial version.
  • Watermarks your videos.
  • No multi-tracking feature.
  • Used for video grading.

Download Link: Android   iOS

Don’t miss out on the chance to get all the necessary information about the 10 best video editing apps for Android and iOS users. Make sure you chose the right product which doesn’t affect your taste and pocket.

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Q: Can I Download These Apps For Free?

Ans: Yes, You can download for Free.

Q: Do these apps have a video trim future?

Ans: Yes most of the video editing apps have the future.





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