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I wouldn’t fret about having a list of TeamViewer alternatives since I can’t depend on one product to achieve the task. Throughout the long term, I’ve seen that the famous program isn’t to the point of satisfying the necessities. Seldom Windows tends to act strangely when I’m utilizing primary solutions, and I get compelled to look for an alternative. I can’t have the customer looking out for the other side and demolishing the customer service experience.


6 Best Alternatives Similar to TeamViewer

I don’t see Teamviewer as a power-lacking product since I was unable to observe a basic solution that can keep up the modern standards. Microsoft is pushing the product updates, and it is an inbuilt program that MS can’t stop offering help. I’ve seen that Windows programs flop now and again, and I can’t let the customer be on the other side. Having an alternative generally gets our projects, and the customer support experience isn’t destroyed.

  1. Splashtop

Splashtop is an organization situated remote accessing programming, and they center more around security. The combination of TLS and 256-cycle AES encryption permits two computers to conduct the business safely. The security measures don’t end with the encryption in light of the fact that numerous second level passwords and two-step verification becomes an integral factor. Accessing various computers is a common function, yet you can access your PC utilizing another gadget. Splashtop likewise centers on making helpdesk, MSPs, and customer support options for customers too.

Like Teamviewer, Splashtop opens freeware options for personal use, and it doesn’t change a solitary penny for local area networks. In any case, it charges professional individuals $16.99/year, and you can access worldwide remote connections with low dormancy. Customers don’t have to install the program, and you can access computers utilizing a 9-digit code. The administrators don’t lose premium functions in the freeware package. The free customers get high-quality video and audio output, and you are not missing anything. The program planned function on cross-platform like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

At the point when Teamviewer doesn’t work without a hitch, I generally pick the Chrome Remote Desktop, and I consider it a fundamental solution. None of my customers understands the concept of the solution, so they need a lightweight program that can achieve the task quickly. Right now, Chrome possesses 80% of the web browser market, and millions of individuals use it all over the planet. Chrome Remote Desktop makes an amazing option for quick remote access to another PC.

The Google solution offers cross-platform support like Windows, Linux, and macOS. The organization uses end-to-end encrypted communication, so it’s not possible for anyone to the third party during the session. No additional login or giving accreditations are needed for the interaction. Obviously, you need to install the add-on from the store, however, it consumes a short of one moment.

  1. Supremo

Supremo is a praiseworthy service that charges $113/year for premium services. The remote desktop control solution doesn’t let third-party slip look into the conversation on the grounds that the program consolidated AES 256-digit encryption to keep busybodies out of the system. You got USilio, the IT Management Console in the package. The product doesn’t compel the administrators to install the program, and you can add a custom logo.

For professional organizations, I think that adding a custom logo further develops customer experience and further develops brand mindfulness. The powerful protection and data protocol doesn’t need support from the Windows firewall or router firewall configuration. Supremo offers a free version for local area networks, yet the administrators have pay for the service for worldwide access. The authority developers worked on the user interface, which will take out complications during navigation. Remember that Supremo doesn’t have voice support, and they don’t offer help for macOS.

  1. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a secondary option that I use. Access any gadget remotely, where AnyDesk hits 60 FPS (frame rate each second) with the quickest data transmission technology. The designer worked around the edges to bring lighting quick response time, and it has low idleness on the paper. You get normal experience on cross-platform like Windows PC, Linux PC, macOS, iOS, Android, and Free BSD.

The product organization is presenting new functions on the platform, which permits the administrators to access file browser, file browsing mode, terminal server support, and so forthcoming to the security of the connection, the authority developers use banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology combined with R SA 2048 asymmetric encryption to confirm the connection. Generally, the security standard keeps up with encrypted communication, and the third-persons can’t get into the communication at all.

  1. LogMeIn

LogMeIn planned to remember professional individuals, where the finance managers can access computers regardless of which nation or city they are operating it. The program permits the system administrators to make changes, store files, transfer files, and work on the documents remotely. LogMeIn isn’t really for freeware consumers, and you need to pay $30/month to access it.

Initially, LogMeIn is a cloud computing organization, and they are adding 1TB cloud storage in the package. The financial specialists can begin storing the files and documents on the cloud storage safely and begin accessing the file quickly from desktops or phones. The organization fostered numerous applications for cross-platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. 

I rate its sound quality and chat options 3 out of 5 since they need slight improvement for higher quality communication. Conveying significant files across the globe and working on mid-range laptops probably won’t meet the prerequisites, so you can access a high-end desktop utilizing the program and take care of business.

  1. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a freeware that fits the TeamViewer alternatives profile. A lightweight program doesn’t consume more than 5MB and requires no installation. The remote desktop control application doesn’t need administrator freedoms since it uses a Windows firewall and stays straightforward all through the session. The developers added HTTP encryption support for a 100 percent secure connection.

The technology behind the desktop remote control permits quicker performance since it adjusts response time even on a dial-up connection. Ammyy Admin utilizes high-standard security calculations AES and RSA used for each session and guarding the communication.


Having a Teamviewer alternative is a prerequisite, as I would like to think. One ought not to depend on only a program or service since you would rather not consume your hand when it neglects to function. Continuously have various options that fulfill various guidelines of the customers.

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