Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC

Simple Methods to Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC / Laptop

We are all aware about the ultimate picture quality of the iPhone series. But the most popular doubt we have found among iPhone users is “How to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer?” Many rely on complicated ways due to insufficient knowledge available on the internet. So, today we decided to come up with various simple methods that can help you transfer all your photos, videos and other important files to a PC.


Simple Methods to Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC / Laptop

Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC
Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC


This is one of the easiest methods ever discovered and all it takes you is a small USB cable of the iPhone charger. Simply diffuse it from the charger and connect it to any USB portal on your computer. After this, you can directly have access to the file manager of the iPhone and it takes a few seconds to transfer all the essential data from the mobile to that PC.

Wireless method 1- iCloud photos

There is another method available, where you can transfer the entire media without the help of a cable. Sometimes, cables can be considered unsafe when compared to wireless transmission. In these cases, iCloud can be a real saviour. To begin with this process, you need to enable the iCloud photo library.

Simply reach out to the settings and tap on the “iCloud photos” option. This would upload it to iCloud, if you take any photos further. After that, you have to set up “iCloud for computer” on your PC if it is not a Mac device. Now, sign in to that by using your personal Apple id and select the necessary options that provide essential access to your iCloud photos. These simple steps will help you transfer the photos to any computer without any fuss.

Wireless method 2-

Many of you might be confused and you may also have been assured that there won’t be any great difference between the above step and this There aren’t really, but there some petty changes that can help you a great deal if they matter you for real. While following this process, you have to follow the similar steps where you will enable iCloud photos in your settings.

Now open in your browser and enter your personal Apple id details. Though this seems familiar, the next steps differ a bit, as the asks for a verification code which helps you to get access over your iPhone through the computer. Now you need not to download or upload the pictures from the file manager, but gently go to the gallery and select all the desired media from your mobile.

These are the most selected and verified methods that would actually help you to transfer your photos from iPhone to computer, irrespective of it being a Mac or Windows device. Select one among those methods and carefully follow the steps without missing any. If you have any doubts regarding the process or the topic, you can always reach us through the comment section below.







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