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Reverse Email Lookup: How to Find Email Sender’s Identity – Find Person

Receiving emails from an unknown person is quite common. Isn’t it? Don’t you crave to know who’s behind this email? Reverse email lookup is the solution. Just dig deep about the sender with the help of the email you received. 

With the help of a reverse email search, you can get all the necessary information concerning the sender that is available on the internet. Reverse email lookup enables its users with different tools that you can use to track the identity of the sender through email. Users can use this email service provider with Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff mail, Outlook, and other email services based on custom domain names.

How to Find Send Email Identity:

  • Perform simple Google Search:

Google search is a powerhouse of a search engine that has everything and anything. To search for the sender behind an email you need to do a Google Search. Google search engine works on extracting information with the help of which it reveals a matching profile. Most of the users use Gmail as it is available for free so Google does the relevant searching.

Also, it tracks the social media accounts of the users like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc are linked to their email. But it is the easiest and simplest way of tracking a person through email. 

  •  Use Reverse Email Search on Facebook and Other Social Media Applications

Facebook is a popular social media platform where people share personal information. Facebook’s search box permits search based on email ID and username. All you need to do is hunt for their email ID and tap the search button. In case the sender is using the same email ID then the name will arrive in the search sequence. Then, you can look for the necessary information. But it has a drawback too. 

Facebook has a strict privacy setting due to which it restricts some unknown people to check your personal information and keeps it safe. Also, there are some other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, which permits users to search for people using their email ID. 

  • Extract Sender Information Automatically Using Email Clients:

It is one of the best ways to maintain a record of all the emails received with the senders or clients’ names. With the help of email clients, one can directly extract the sender’s information. 

For Mac users, Polymail is a perfect email client tool for extracting and displaying the sender’s information. For Windows users, Polymail is available in beta form. 

Also, there is MailBird which supports users to immediately endeavor emails on LinkedIn that help to find data about the sender. But MailBird is not as rich in features as Polymail. 

  • Usage of Browser Extensions:

With the help of browser extensions, users can reverse email search. There are many browser extensions that can assist users. One of the best browser extensions is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator scrapper. It gives minute details about the sender.

In case LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not operating then there are many alternatives. You can also use “Contact+ for Gmail” that works perfectly and always provides some relevant information to recognize the sender.  There is which allows a Chrome extension to search the sender.

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  • Apply Reverse Email Search Engines:

When all these four methods fail then you’re left with one final resort. There are many reverse email searching engine options that provide you with all the necessary information with the email address. Though it has a drawback that these are paid.

Now, we are familiar with free email sender search engines. Users can easily check the whole list of emails and their pieces of information just by clicking on the link. So, choose your favorite method and you’re done!






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