Microsoft Edge for MAC & Windows

Install Microsoft Edge for MAC & Windows PC / Laptop

We all might have cursed and made lame jokes on internet explorer all our lives. So, Microsoft had taken this wonderful step into improving the quality of its browser and released it for Windows 10. It is quite flexible and provides numerous benefits which cannot be found in any other browser. Also, it has gained immense popularity within a short time and in fact prior to its release.

But I found many of you are unaware of it and also struggling to find the optimum ways to download it on your Windows and Mac PC or laptops. So, we concluded that it is perfect for us to describe the features. And also, various reasons that can solve your queries about Microsoft Edge for MAC. Along with it, we will provide the simple methods to download  & Install Microsoft edge for MAC & Windows


Features of Microsoft Edge Browser:

Before going to use Microsoft Edge browser on Mac & windows, Let us discuss each and every facility and benefit it offer. With complete detailed analysis, we explained about the Edge browser below.

Immense speed:

The Microsoft edge is designed completely contrast to the Internet Explorer and Microsoft took all the special initiatives to make it better than ever. Also, it is heard that they have performed many speed tests to ensure the reliability of the browser.

Perfect tab organization:

Generally, multiple tabs and tasks hinder our work and make the browser really slow and disturbing. Considering these points, Microsoft has made the browser in order stay compatible with all these necessities of the users where you re-arrange the tabs as per your requirements.

In-built voice assistant:

Nowadays, every job is made easy through software assisting us from time to time. So, Microsoft edge comes with Cortana assistance which is already set up inside the browser and solves all your doubts and queries within no time.

Supportive for reading:

In this e-Book generation, every one of us is switching to the various gadgets that facilitate us to read in a more comfortable way. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft edge offered a reading view. It enables you to stay away from all the distractions and focus on your book or document completely by removing all address bars from the sight.

Enables to scribble over webpages:

We particularly consider this feature as a boon to many of the users. We all usually visit various websites to collect important information and there arises a necessity to store them for future use. So, Microsoft edge provides access to scribble over those website pages online and helps you to use those important references for further need.

Personal feed:

This is one particular feature, which displays the number of efforts Microsoft has put to design the browser in making it the best among everything available in the market. The “My feed” feature helps you to store all your favorite feed regarding websites or videos you visit and store and display them on the first page of the browser which can access at any time.

Install Microsoft Edge for MAC & Windows PC / Laptop

Microsoft Edge for MAC & Windows
Microsoft Edge for MAC & Windows

By now, you might have understood the exact benefits you can avail by downloading this browser. But it would all go in vain, if we failed to provide the ways to download it for free. Continue reading this article to discover more of it.

Microsoft edge for Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Click on this link
  • This will redirect you to the official page of the Microsoft and provide you the option to get a preview of this browser on your Windows 10.
  • Just follow the necessary instructions and download it.

But these steps wouldn’t benefit the old versions of Windows and they need to opt for a new method to download it and access it for free.

  • Search for a good “Virtual box”.
  • A virtual box helps your PC to behave like another desired version which is Windows 10 in this case.
  • After finding and installing a good virtual box, search for Microsoft official page or simply click on the link mentioned above.
  • Follow a similar process to download it for free.

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Microsoft Edge for Mac PC / laptop:

After hearing about the amazing features and options provided by the “Microsoft edge”, even a Mac user would desire for getting tit. But the real problem arrives when they discover that it is exclusively designed for Windows 10. So, we have figured out all other possible ways to download it on your Mac PC without any hurdles. Simply follow the following steps:

  • Reach for the official website of the Microsoft and find the preview option provided by the Microsoft for Mac users.
  • The steps are similar to the above for Windows but it is only compatible for the versions of Mac 10 and above.

Edge browser for MAC

The Mac users using the out-dated versions need not worry about the scenario as we have identified the following method to be helpful in downloading it on your PC for free.

  • Search and find an optimum “Virtual box”.
  • Make sure that you avail it for free.
  • Now install it where it can act as a second OS to your computer and laptop and behave like your desired version.
  • After completing the entire process regarding the Virtual box, find the official page of Microsoft or click on the link provided earlier.
  • It provides you the option to get the preview of Microsoft edge and you can start accessing it for free.

These are the necessary steps that take you to get this most useful browser and customize for your own needs. If you want to discover more about the topic or if you get any doubts regarding the processes mentioned above, then please comment on your queries below.






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