How to Install a Fresh Copy of MacOS Mojave on Your Mac

MacOS updates bring a variety of new features with new interface to make things easier for the users. The latest macOS update is macOS Mojave. If you have upgraded your system with the latest macOS Mojave guided by Apple, and finds out some issues with it, then here’s a detailed guideline to install a Fresh copy of macOS Mojave on your Mac. 


There is an option called Recovery Mode on Mac systems that allows users to reinstall the existing OS on their system. We will follow the same thing to install a fresh copy of macOS Mojave. 

However, there are a few things which you need to do before you can reinstall a fresh copy of this OS. Here, we have listed down the things which you need to do before doing anything else on your Mac system. 


Things to do before installing a fresh copy of macOS Mojave 

The very first thing you need to do is taking a backup of your system’s data. It is essential for you to have a backup of all the important data stored in your system. This can be restored anytime if something goes wrong in between the installation process. 

There are many online cloud storage services available on the market, you can even take backup and upload a copy of the backup to your favorite cloud storage platform. 

Apart from this, you need to make sure that the system is connected to a power source. It requires a fully charged battery if you are installing Mojave on a MacBook. 

Which systems support macOS Mojave? 

Before installing the latest macOS Mojave, you need to first check whether your Mac system is compatible with it or not. Following are the Mac systems which support macOS Mojave. Find out yours and move on to the installation process. 

  • MacBook Pro: Mid-2012 or Newer
  • #MacBook: Early-2015 or Newer
  • MacBook Air: Mid-2012 or Newer
  • iMac: Late-2012 or Newer
  • iMac pro: Late-2017 or Newer
  • Mac Mini: Late-2012 or Newer
  • Mac Pro: Later-2013 or Newer

Install a fresh copy of macOS Mojave on your Mac

Basically, there are two different ways to install a fresh copy of the latest macOS Mojave on a Mac system. The first one is using the direct AppStore option and the second one is by using the Recovery Mode. Here, we will show you both the ways with which you can easily update or install a fresh copy of macOS Mojave on a respective Mac system. Let’s get on to the details now! 

Method 1: Install macOS Mojave from AppStore

Recovery Mode is not getting you the latest macOS edition all the time. For that reason, you need to first check for the installation of the macOS Mojave on your system’s AppStore. If your system is running on an older version I.e. macOS High Sierra, then you can go ahead and get the macOS Mojave for your system directly from the AppStore. Let’s see how you can do this. 

Step 1: 

Click on the Apple icon given at the upper left corner of your system. It will open a drop-down menu with a number of useful options. 

App Store
App Store

Step 2: 

From the presented drop-down menu, click on to the AppStore option. This will launch AppStore on your system. You can also go to the Applications folder and can launch the AppStore on your system. 

Step 3: 

Once the AppStore is launched, click the Search bar and enter MacOS Mojave there. Hit the Enter button. 

Step 4: 

You will see the option of macOS Mojave right there on your system. Click the Get option to start the downloading process of this operating system. 

macOS Mojave
macOS Mojave


Make sure you are connected with high-speed Internet as the file is a big one and it will need high-speed Internet connection, or you will have to wait for a few hours until the process is done. 

Step 6: 

Once the file is downloaded, you just need to click the Install button. 

Step 7: 

The system will ask you to follow basic instructions to install the latest macOS Mojave. Click the Install button and follow the instructions. The system will be upgraded to the latest macOS Mojave edition. 

This was the simple method which you can use to install macOS Mojave on your Mac. If you already have the Mojave Operating System downloaded on your system, then you can try out the Recovery Mode to install it. Let’s see how you can install it using the Recovery Mode now!

Method 1: Install macOS Mojave from Recovery Mode

Step 1: 

Make sure that your Mac system is connected to a high-speed Internet first. 

Step 2: 

Go to the Apple icon from the upper left corner and click on to it. You will see Restart option there, select the Restart option from there.

Step 3:

While the system is restarting, hold down the Command+ R buttons. Keep holding the buttons until you notice the system’s reboot screen.

Step 4: 

MacOS Utilities page will be presented to you on the screen with a number of useful options. 

Step 5: 

From the Utilities page, you need to click on to the Reinstall a new copy of macOS option. 

install macOS
install macOS

Step 6: 

The system will take you to the installation page just like the normal installation method. 

Step 7: 

From here, you need to click on to the Continue button to start the installation process of a fresh copy of Mojave system. 

Step 8: 

The system will ask you to follow basic instructions. You will be asked to agree the terms and conditions. 

Step 9: 

The next page will ask you to select the Hard Drive in which you want to install this new copy of macOS Mojave. 

Step 10: 

After that, the final step is to click the Install button. 

Once you hit the Install button, the installation process of macOS Mojave’s fresh copy will begin itself. It will take the same time as the normal installation process. You have to wait for several minutes to finish the installation process.


This is how you can install a fresh copy of macOS Mojave in your Mac system. Before anything else, you need to fulfil the prerequisites and check whether your Mac system is compatible for the Mojave. The rest will be done easily by following the above listed step by step guidelines! 






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