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8 Best Instagram Reels Video Editors for Android and iOS (Free and Paid)

After TikTok got banned in India and the company went through a few legal obstacles in the US, individuals rushed to Instagram Reels all at once. Presently Instagram has more than 100 million daily active users, and users are investing more and more energy scrolling through Reels. So assuming you are one of the growing Reels creators, we have arranged a rundown of the best Instagram Reels video editors for Android and iPhone. We have included Instagram Reels video editors that don’t leave a watermark and are mostly free. So on that note, how about we go through the rundown and look at the best video editor for Instagram Reels in 2022.

Instagram Reels Video Editors for Android and iOS (Free and Paid)

Here, you can find the best Reels editing app for both Android and iOS. In this article, you can expand the table beneath and bounce straight to a Reels video editor of your decision.

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    VN Video Editor: Best Reels Video Editor App

VN Video Editor is hands-down one of the most mind-blowing Instagram Reels video editors on Android and iOS. It is considerably more advanced than InShot and offers all its features for free. Indeed, you got it right. This Reels video editor app doesn’t put a watermark as well. What’s more, there are no video or banner ads while editing or exporting the video. It resembles the cherry on top of the cake and a few more by the sides.

Other than that, VN Video Editor offers Reels-explicit tools, for example, portrait video editing, multiple aspect ratios to choose from, background selection, multi-frame video making, and significantly more. What I like is that it has advanced editing tools like multi-track editing, curve shifting, FX for video effects, BG for background enhancement, freeze, filters, and so forth

Also, you have all the standard video editing tools like trim, split, speed, and so forth The people who want a music library of various audio cues would cherish VN Video Editor because it features a large assortment of sounds. Basically, VN Video Editor is an ideal video editor for Instagram Reels without a watermark, and you should try it out.

Download VN Editor for Android and iOS (Free)

  1. InShot

InShot is among the most popular Reels video editors for Android and iPhone. It offers several aspect ratios to fit the whole screen in portrait orientation. It even supports custom aspect ratios, and you can easily create vertical Reels videos based on your screen size. Other than that, you can add text like the native Instagram Reels video editor, change fonts, add a color effect, import music locally or from iTunes, and more.

Additionally, you also have a not insignificant rundown of video-editing features, including trimming, splitting, cropping, zooming, flipping videos, creating slow-mo videos, or time-lapses. However, that’s not all. The app even allows you to add animated stickers and emojis, memes, and custom images. All taking all things together, InShot is a great Instagram Reels video editor for Android and iPhone, and you should try it out.

Bear as a top priority, after a couple of initial videos, InShot starts putting a watermark on videos. To remove the watermark, you should get the paid version of the app. Otherwise, you can also select other free apps referenced on this rundown underneath.

Download InShot for Android and iOS

  1. Clips by Apple

On the off chance that you are an iOS client, then Clips is perhaps the main tool you should create special Instagram Reels videos. Apple has worked on the app by leaps and limits, and it currently allows you to add Animojis to your videos, Memojis, and several animated characters. There is also support for texts, fonts, stickers, filters, and so on No doubt about it’s a decent replacement for the native Reels editor on Instagram.

Other than that, what is novel about Clips is that it allows you to add captions to your videos in real-time. As you speak, Clips can show the caption in various positions and styles, making your video stand out from the remainder of the group. So to make fun and short videos on your iPhone, Clips is a suitable video editing app for you.

Download Clips for iOS (Free)

  1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another magnificent video editor for creating Instagram Reels videos on Android and iOS. Like other video editors, it supports various aspect ratios in portrait orientation and has some cool editing features for Reels creators. It incorporates some great video effects that I have not found on other apps, the text tool is very great, and I like the filters as well.

Also, from video trimming to voice-over and from cropping to overlays, FilmoraGo has almost every feature you would want in a professional video editor. It means you can make your Instagram Reels videos seem more professional. All things considered, remember, FilmoraGo has a somewhat steep learning curve. You really want to invest energy in the app before you can bounce in and create Reels videos.

Download FilmoreaGo for Android and iOS

  1. Funimate

Funimate is essentially made for creating videos for Instagram Reels, Shorts, and other short video apps like Tiktok. It has a vast assortment of effects and filters that you won’t find on Instagram Reels. You can crop your videos to remove unwanted parts, add actually images, audio tracks, apply cool transitions, and do substantially more.

Remember, other than the video-editing tools, Funimate also runs a social media platform where you can share your Funimate videos and join a million or more communities. Nevertheless, in the event that you love creating short and fun videos with custom animations and text effects, Funimate could be the ideal pick for you.

Download Funimate for Android and iOS 

  1. YouCut

Assuming you are searching for a free Instagram Reels video editor that doesn’t add a watermark, YouCut is the app for you. It’s available just on Android and brings an extensive rundown of features like InShot. Further, the app doesn’t show ads which is a reward.

As for the features and functionality, the app has all the standard and advanced video editing features you want. You can pick your particular aspect ratio, change the background of videos, adjust colors, trim clips, crop and join multiple videos. The text tool works very well, and you have got support for many fonts and text effects as well.

Also, there is a massive library of royalty-free music inside the app, so that’s awesome. Overall, YouCut is a magnificent Instagram Reels editor for Android that adds no watermark to altered videos.

Download YouCut for Android 

  1. iMovie

iMovie is a professional-grade video editor for iOS and macOS. In the event that you are searching for advanced video-editing tools on your iPhone, iMovie may be what you want. Are you puzzling over whether you can alter vertical Instagram Reels videos on iMovie? Fortunately, you can do as such after a new update.

All you want to do is add a vertical video to the timeline and then zoom out the clasp before you start editing. Presently, you can feel free to apply strong editing tools with iMovie. The UI is exceptionally intuitive, as you have generally expected from apps created by Apple. You can add videos and images, crop and trim them, add new transitions, apply audio cues from its library, and considerably more.

There is also support for filters, themes, text overlays, and video effects. To summarize, assuming you are an iPhone client, iMovie is an amazing tool to create Instagram Reels videos.

Download iMovie for iOS

  1. GoPro Quik

Quik is our final video editor for Instagram Reels on this rundown. In case you are unaware, Quik has been created by the popular action-camera company GoPro. It supports vertical video editing and offers a lot of professional and social-media-ready presets for your videos. You can tweak the video effects, change the background music, add text, customize the palette, highlight a portion of the video, trim clips, and more.

Indeed you have all the standard video editing tools at your disposal. Having said all of that, the greatest aspect of Quik is that it brings a ton of video and transition effects which can take your videos to simply one more level. Also, it leaves no watermark on the exported videos. To summarize, assuming you are searching for a free Instagram Reels video editor for iOS and Android, Quik is a worthy decision.

Install Quik for Android and iOS

Pick a Video Editor and Create Instagram Reels on Your Smartphone

So these are probably the best Instagram Reels editors for Android and iOS in 2022. We have assembled a rundown of both free and paid apps, some are iOS-just however most of them are available on the two platforms. We have also referenced a couple of video editors that don’t put a watermark on videos for free. So feel free to pick one of these apps, to begin with, Reels video creation. You can also learn how to utilize Instagram Reels and Remix Reels via our connected top to bottom aides. Anyway, that is all from us. Assuming that we have passed up any other amazing video editing apps, then comment down underneath and let us know.






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