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How to Download Signal App | Features, Alternatives | Better than Whatsapp


What is the Signal App? 

The signal is a multiplatform, centralized, and encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. It uses the internet to transmit personal and group messages which may include files, voice notes, photographs, and videos. The signal is a reliable, free, open-source message framework using end-to-end encryption, which allows all forms of communications with other Signal users to be safely sent and received. The signal is widely recommended by some of the most influential privacy and security defenders across the Internet for all encrypted communication.

How to install/Download the signal app? 

The installation process of the signal app on your phone is very easy. Now we are going to discuss how to install the signal app step-by-step process for Android and iPhone users. 

  • Android phones:

Step 1: Open the play store on your Android device. Then, search for the signal app. After that, download the Signal app from the Play Store. 

Step 2: Check and read all the terms and conditions very carefully. And then accept them. 

Step 3: Grant permission to all the access signal needs. 

Step 4: Enter your mobile/contact number. 

Step 5: Enter your name and upload a profile photo to set up your account. 

Now you can add a security pin if you want to. And just like that, the installation process is complete. 

  • iPhone users:

Installing a signal on your iPhone can be long and tricky but if you follow these steps you can do it easily. 

Step 1: Open the app store and download the signal app. 

Step 2: Go through all the terms and conditions very carefully. 

Step 3: Grant permission to the signal app to send you notifications. 

Step 4: Now, allow other access to the signal app. 

Step 5: Enter your mobile number to verify. 

Step 6: Enter your name and upload your profile photo. You can add a security pin. 

Step 7: Now, you may or may not grant a signal app to access all your devices. 

Just like that, you’re ready to use the app. 

How to use the Signal app? 

  • By clicking on “Use as default SMS app,” you can make the Signal app manage both Signal as well as SMS messages. This is helpful if you want to keep all your messages in one place.
  • The person you contact must have Signal installed to use Signal. You can send a normal, unencrypted text message when you attempt to send a message with Signal and they do not have the Signal app-enabled. It places a standard phone call when you attempt to call the person without the app. 
  • Signal will provide you with a list of other Signal users in your contacts. To do this, the data representing the phone numbers in your contact list will be uploaded to the Signal servers, although this data will be deleted almost immediately.
  • Please note that you’ll be reading the text “Signal Message” for Signal users – this means the message is encrypted. On this screen, the “phone” icon in the upper right corner indicates that you can also make an encrypted voice call using Signal. You can send text, image, audio and video messages, and files with end to end encryption. 
  • Call anyone in your contacts who have the signal app to make an encrypted video call. You might need to allow Signal to access your microphone and camera. Tap the camera icon next to complete the video call. 
  • You may create an encrypted group for messages by tapping the compose icon on the bottom right corner of your computer. After that tap the overflow icon and then choose ‘Current group.’ You may name and add participants to it on the following screen. After adding the participants, you can tap the checkmark in the upper left corner of the screen. This is going to initiate a group chat.
  • One feature that is particularly useful for group chats is muting notifications, so you won’t see a new notification every time a new message is written. Then click on the overflow icon (the three dots in the upper-right corner of your device) from the chat screen of the party then tap on “Mute notifications.” Then you can choose for how long you want the mute to last. This can also be applied to individual conversations if want to do so. 

Features of the Signal App:

Here are some of the main features for determining whether the application of the signal is right for you:

  • The signal is generally considered to be the most secure messaging app in existence.
  • An open-source code of 100 percent. You can find the code on GitHub.
  • In 2016, the Signal Messaging Protocol was audited independently.
  • The service is fully compliant with GDPR.
  • You can use the signal app on your Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux devices. 

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Why it’s better than WhatsApp? 

  • In terms of security, the signal is by far the best either on the back end or on the user side. To execute end-to-end encryption, Signal uses the Open Source Signal Protocol. And just like WhatsApp, all forms of signal communication are covered by E2E encryption. Although WhatsApp encrypts messages and calls, Signal encrypts all the metadata too which makes it a better choice. 
  • Signal offers some features that the WhatsApp app doesn’t have, such as the ability to handle text messages on your phone. 

Pros of the Signal app:

  • All the messages and calls you make are end-to-end Encrypted. 
  • Software is Open Source. 
  • You can send disappearing messages. 
  • Log the minimum amount of data
  • Doesn’t log IP addresses

Alternatives of the Signal app:

  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Element
  • Discord
  • Riot, etc. 

We hope our article was helpful enough for you to make the final decision whether you want to switch to the signal app. The signal app is the most reliable open source messaging app ever. But it doesn’t have some features like a group video call. So make your decision wisely and choose a messaging app that is safe for you. 





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