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Simple Trick To Save / Download Facebook & Twitter Videos

We all love social media sites and application due to variety of content we find every day. We receive so many types of information in various forms ranging from text, images and videos. Among them, videos are the most convenient, as they helps to grab most of the necessary details within a short time and are extremely entertaining.

But there is a drawback in everything and similarly the Facebook and twitter have their own limitations as they don’t directly allow you to download and save the videos to your personal storages. This bothers a bit more, as in this 4G generation getting access to the information and entertainment without sharing among the peers is of no fun.


Simple Trick To Save / Download Facebook & Twitter Videos

download twitter facebook videos
download twitter facebook videos

We have devised most simple and helpful methods to download the videos from Facebook and twitter without any hurdles.

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How To Download Facebook videos

Sometimes Facebook seems as old as internet itself. It has been injected into our lives and minds too much that I don’t usually find a day passing without it. So, let’s discover the downloading methods of videos in Facebook prior to other social media platforms.

Video downloader for Facebook:

My Video Downloader
My Video Downloader
  • Though you can’t directly download the videos from Facebook, this small application can help you do so.
  • All you have to do is carefully follow every single step without any confusion.
  • Firstly begin with finding “My Video downloader” for Facebook and install it on your mobile.
  • Sign in to the app through your Facebook details.
  • Now, you can see the Facebook feed. So, either continue browsing or find the particular video you wanted to download.
  • Tap on the option provided at the right end of the particular post and click the “Download” option from the provided menu.
  • The downloading process begins and you can always monitor the same by viewing it on the progress bar.
  • Later, click on the main menu and t=find the necessary media in the “downloads” section.
  • Now, there appears a drop down option at the edge of the video and clicking it will allow you to share the video among other social media platforms and save it to the mobile permanently.

How To Download Facebook videos

Video downloader for Twitter:

Video Downloader For Twitter
Video Downloader For Twitter
  • Both the names seem similar, but the downloading process for twitter is bit different than that of Facebook.
  • Begin with downloading the “Download Twitter Videos” app from Playstore.
  • Now, simply open the twitter and click on the share button appearing on the video.
  • Though there appear many social media applications, directly sharing to them will only help you forward the links but not the video.
  • So, tap on the “Video downloader” icon and there arrives a pop up which asks you to view or download the video.
  • Click on the download without a forethought and find the downloaded video on the “Videos” section of the application.

Both the applications directly save the downloaded videos into the local storage of the mobile and also enable you to edit the respective path. Apart from that, you need not rush to the mobile gallery but directly share them to your friends from the application itself. Do comment your opinions and doubts on this topic and you can also request us for any other articles here.






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