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Make your Snaps eye-catching with VSCO cam 

Commonly known as VSCO cam, The VSCO is a photo editing and sharing platform that uses “creator-first philosophy” to engage the users with their creativeness. The app is featured with presets filters to create specific effects such as color balancing, photo adjusting brightness, and saturation. The users can also customize these presets and make use of them in their way.

Nearly 200 million photos were posted to Instagram with ‘#vscocam’, which means they were edited with VSCO. Let’s explore more about VSCO. 


What is VSCO App?

VSCO App is the photo editor and sharing platform, which is commonly known as VSCO Cam, produced by Visual Supply Company.  Same like Instagram the app also has its platform where you can edit and post your photos. The app is the perfect way to discover like-minded friends simply by following them. 

VSCOCam is featured with a wide variety of filters and presets, which helps you to make your photo a more lovely and eye-catchy one. The application has a marvelous collection of film effects that offer a cinematic view to your click. You can explore more premium features by login to it. 

Filters offered by VSCO Apk

The VSCOCam has a superfluity of features, which help you to edit your images and make them eye-catchy. Let’s discuss the features possessed by the VSCO app.


  • Presets:

VSCO Presets allow users to improve their photos instantly. The inbuilt automated image scanning algorithm offers the presets based on your images. There is a massive collection of presets available in diverse styles. The genres include Warm, Featured, Cool, Black & White, Vibrant, Portrait, Urban, and Vibrant.

  • VSCO Recipes:

Through VSCO recipes feature you can collage your edited snaps in a different style, but the feature is only available for our premium members.

  • Exposure:

The exposure is used to modify the exposure of the images. This helps you to enhance the look of your snap even if it is taken in a dark mode.

  • Highlights & Shadows:

The Highlights & Shadows option lets the user get the details from both regions. This can be adjusted just by swiping the slider and make it in the way you want.

  • Skin Tone:

This is a unique option offered by VOSCO which helps you to enhance the Skin texture of your snap and makes it more stunning and eye-charming.

  • Vignette

This tool is used to add the shaded edges to the snap corner. This offers the cinematic effect and pops out the subject efficiently in your picture.

  • Split Tone

The Split Tone has a full set of colors on both shadows and highlights through which you adjust the tint of your photos as you want.

  • Borders

The borders tool offers various border styles, which offer a clean edge to the snap and make it more attractive and eye-catching. 

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How to Download and install VSCO App? 

VSCO app can be developed in both Android and iOS devices, if you want to use it on Desktop or Mac, then you require the emulators like Blue stacks. Installing the VSCO app is a very simple and straightforward process; following are the steps and instructions to install VSCO Apk: 

Step 1. Open the App StorePlay Store

Step 2. Enter VSCO in the search bar and click on the search button. 

Step 3. Select VSCO Apk from the results. 

Step 4. Select ‘Get button’ for downloading the app

Step 5. Once the download is completed the app will be automatically get installed to the device. 

Step 6. You can launch the Apk by press the open button. It can also be launched by clicking on the VSCO app from the home screen. 

Features offered by VSCO Apk

Here are some of the features that make VSCO Apk versatile:

  • Feed

The Feed section is very similar to other photo-sharing apps. Here you can scroll to see posts from your friends and followers, as well as repost them to your profile. Once you click on the post, details like its caption and filter used will be readily available below the picture. 

  • Discover

Discover is the platform where the real magic happens. Perfect collections sorted by content such as nature scenes or portraiture which allow the user to showcase its creation and impel interaction on the platform. If you love to spend hours looking at vision or mood boards, then this is the feature that will astonish you over and over again.

  • Studio

The Studio page is a depository for both edited and unedited and content which is imported to the VSCO app or captured through VSCOCam. The Studio is detached from the user’s profile, which means it is totally confidential and only visible for your eyes until your post is published. It is the best way to store your private content if in case you don’t want to post it immediately.

  • Capture

The app is featured with living in a camera icon, which allows you to capture live photos and videos without importing them to the app. VSCO offers the advanced tools to change white balance, ISO and to click the snap-in RAW mode for quality photos, similar to an actual camera. 

How much does VSCO cost?

While you can use the Vscoapp for free but the yearly membership is available at a very affordable price of $19.99. This membership offers the users 130 presets and film emulation such as advanced photo editing tools, Fujifilm and Polaroid, bonus content, video coloring, and weekly challenges which keep you in touch with the VSCO community.

The Bottom Line

VSCO is an amazing photo editing platform that emphasizes creative experience over likes and follower counts to make interaction. Your VSCO time is all yours and you are free to create the things as you want. Undoubtedly, the app is featured with basic features but a membership plan offers the features which are more intuitive and these sleek minimal designs that allow your posts to speak for themselves.






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