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How to Disable Samsung Cloud Notifications on Galaxy Smartphones

In case you are utilizing a Galaxy cell phone, you may think about Samsung Cloud. It is Samsung’s cloud service and as a matter of course accompanies all telephones. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you are not utilizing this service, Samsung continues to send notifications from it. What’s more, these notifications don’t wind down effectively on the home or lock screen. In this instructional exercise, I’ll let you know how to disable Samsung Cloud Notifications on your Galaxy cell phone.

Disable Samsung Cloud Notifications on Galaxy Smartphones

As referenced above, Samsung Cloud’s notifications are not removable from the home screen until you disable them from Settings. Likewise, from that point, you can not straightforwardly turn them off as most toggles are turned gray out.

Follow these steps to disable various notifications from Cloud:

1. Go to Settings on your telephone and tap on Notifications.

2. Presently, select “All Apps” and afterward select Samsung Cloud.

3. At the point when you tap on it, you’ll see all the turned gray out toggles.

4. Tap on “General Notifications” and you will be taken to the following page.

5. Here, you can disable various kinds of notifications. Tap on “Minimize notifications” first and disable the toggle close to it.

6. Presently tap on “Lock Screen” to disable notifications on the lock screen.

7. On the following menu, select “Don’t Show Notifications”.

This is the means by which you can disable Samsung Cloud notifications on your Galaxy cell phone. For all the more such tips and shortcuts, stay tuned!

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