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20 Best Subreddits You Should Follow in 2020 – 2021

20 Best Subreddits to Follow: Are you one of those who wish to be updated with the latest trends then Reddit is the right place for you. Reddit is a website in which the registered community people are responsible for submitting posts, pictures, and links that make your content interesting and engaging. Anyone can become a Reddit for free. So, don’t waste time and start browsing thousands of subreddits. Are you aware of what’s a subreddit? Subreddits are essential pages that are devoted to different topics like current affairs, sports, theatre, memes, etc. 

But scrolling thousands of subreddits might be a tiring job. So, here we are to assist you to search the 20 best subreddits that are worth following.

List of 20 Best Subreddits to Follow

  • TodayILearned

TodayILearned is a subreddit in which you’ll get to know about space and astronauts. This subreddit focuses on sharing information. Daily, the content is uploaded to keep the readers engaged and updated. It makes sure that the readers get new information every day. 

  • AskReddit

AskReddit is one of the best subreddits in which the users can put up questions and get relevant answers. All thanks to the distinct nature of the Rediff community that you get different answers from different mediums.  

  • DIY

With the help of the DIY subreddit, you can create anything you want. All you need to do is just share all the details and some life hacks with the help of objects that can attract the audience and make their life easier and happier.

  • IAmA

IAmA is Ask me anything which is a subreddit that is trending among celebrities and renowned citizens across the world. It is a subreddit that allows users to ask anything they want. Also, it has a list of all upcoming AMA sessions for the users. 

  • Aww

Are you one of those who react “Aww” every time you see dogs or puppies pictures? Then, do try the Aww subreddit it will surely bring a smile to your face. 

  • Perfect Timing

Good pictures are those that are clicked at perfect timings. So, do laugh before clicking a picture such that it is worth uploading a story and making it a special moment. With this subreddit, you can capture cool pictures for cool social media feeds. 

  • Wholesome Memes

Get ready for a good source of funny and exciting memes. This subreddit is for all the memes lovers out there. Make sure that your memes are worth sharing on the internet and it shouldn’t be offensive. Remember that these memes should bring a smile to the user’s face.

  • Technology

With the latest trends, technology is at present the most active subreddit. Try the technology subreddit to keep an eye on the rapid improvements in the field of technology. If you love to check all the news related to technology updates then you can try this. It’s perfect for Android and iOS users. 

  • Gaming

For all the gamers out there, the gaming subreddit is an excellent choice to stay tuned with the happenings of the gaming world. Also, enjoy some funny gaming memes and have a conversation with the game dubbing developers. 

  • Food

Are you a passionate food nerd? Then, the food subreddit is here! Search for some amazing cooking recipes and try it out. Then, flaunt your recipes on social media.

  • Fitness

Are you unable to maintain your fitness routine daily? Then, the fitness subreddit is here to help the fitness freaks. With this subreddit, you can level up your fitness goal. There are daily, weekly and monthly goals and plans for fitness lovers. Also, check out the nutrition plan too.

  • Earth Po*n

Earth Po*n is one of the best subreddits with the help of which you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and sceneries without a blink. There are related subreddits like Jungle Po*n, Nature Po*n, etc. So, enjoy the beauty anytime. 

  • Sketch Daily

Art lovers stop hunting for art creating mediums. Sketch daily subreddit is here! Kick start your creativity with this subreddit and flaunt it with your friends and family. Also, you get feedback from your audience so take it positively and create more arts.

  • Fan Theories

Fan theories work on the motive to keep users engrossed. For all the movie lovers and fans out there you can try the fan theories subreddit. With the help of this, you can share your theories and speculate about different movies and series.

  • Relationships

Nowadays, the internet and social media platforms can be either good or bad advisors. So, in this situation relationships subreddit can help you. With the help of this subreddit, you can share and related your problems, and based on that others will help you out to recognize your messed-up world.  

  • Male and Female Fashion Advice

The latest fashion trends are necessary for fashion lovers out there. So, a good fashion sense is required and not everyone has it so do take some help from this subreddit. Don’t hesitate to post your fashion outfits and also raise doubts if you don’t understand what to wear. So, get ready to make the right fashion choices at the right time.

  • Photoshop Battles

Everyone loves photoshop and photo editing. Now, people use it for creating funny and eye-catching pictures. Now, with the photoshop battles subreddit, you can enjoy it. Make your fun time interesting with this subreddit.

  • No Sleep

Haunted stories are everyone’s, first love. Though we feel scared still we love to enjoy horror movies. So, if you’re one of those who stay awake in the night then you can have fun with no sleep subreddit. It’s known for its spooky short stories that keep the users engaging.

  • NoNoNoNoYes

Shout out loud “NoNoNoNoYes” and you’ll fall in love with this subreddit. This subreddit is all about creating interesting GIFs and funny videos. Make sure you create this video about things going around you but get at the right point in the end. 

  • Cozy Places

Nowadays, all of us are burden with the pressure of work and hectic life so it is important for us to relax and visit some cozy places. And then we need cozy places subreddit. Just get ready to visit your favorite place and post some pictures and videos on your social media and flaunt them. With this subreddit, you can make your holidays and weekends memorable. 

Now, it’s on you. Choose the credits which you want and then you’ll fall in love with them. You don’t have to search for the best subreddits as we have done your work. All you need to do is choose the right subreddit. 






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