5 Best Snipping Tools for Mac

5 Best Snipping Tools for Mac [Free Download]

The snipping tool for Mac is the tools which make it quite easy for the Macbook user to take a screenshot as per their own choice and later on can add effects and edit the captured images. Apart from having the inbuilt snipping tool, Mac users can also use snipping tools so that they can take screenshots quite easily. 


5 Best Snipping Tools for Mac

Here we have provides some best snipping tools for Mac. Let’s have a look at those:


Lightshot is another user-compatible snipping tool which is available for Mac apart from downloading on the system it can be used as an extension in various web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Various features of this software are described below -:


Lightshot Snipping Tool


  • Lightshot is the best tool that is available for cropping, transforming, or adding special effects.
  • Consist of an Image Editor within with a preview screen.



Snagit is the snipping tool through which you can easily capture screenshots on your Mac computer. This snipping tool comes up with various advanced features some of them are listed below -:

Snagit Snipping tool for mac


  • This snipping tool provides a broad range of editing and capturing tools; it is intuitive and has a preview window where you can edit and share it.
  • With this snipping tool, you can easily take the screenshot of the selected area or entire screen. 



Jing is a snipping software which consists of various features. This software allows users to capture screenshots quite quickly, and apart from that, you can select the area for a screenshot. 

Jing Snipping tool for mac


  • This software allows you to capture the screenshot of the selected area or full screen.
  • Another advanced feature of this software is that you can take a screenshot while scrolling text.
  • This software consists of a screen recorder facility.
  • Comes up with various visual elements like annotations, highlights, captions, and more 


Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast 

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast is another browser-based screenshot capturing software that allows you to take screen easily. The tool consists of the crop feature through which you can quickly get the screenshot to the desired dimension.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast 


  • This is a user-friendly software, which is quite easy to use.
  • This software enables you to add images within the screenshot.
  • Another advance feature this software has is a screen recorder where you can record the whole screen of your system.



This is another perfect snipping tool for Mac. This is a unique snipping software that enables you to get it connected through a cloud sharing website. You can easily upload captured screenshots and easily share them through URL.



  • One of the best features of this snipping software is that it allows you to send the screenshot through URL.
  • The snipping tool can easily upload your screenshots so that you can share it quite quickly, comfortably and faster sharing. Moreover, this snipping software does not require any installation as it can be easily used in the browser extension.

Conclusion: So, here we end this article and we have provides some best snipping software. The choice of the software totally depends upon your requirement as each software has its own uniqueness and features.





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