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15 Best Rainmeter Skins in 2021 Perfect For Windows

Best RainMeter Skins: The various ways in which Windows can be customized are limitless. There are many things you can change to make your desktop completely personalized and the way you want it, from icon management to taskbar adjustments. As a consequence, your desktop tends to be entirely your own. Rainmeter is the best choice for hard-core desktop lovers or enthusiasts when it comes to customizing the Windows desktop. Rainmeter has rapidly assumed the role of providing users with a truly efficient and appealing interface.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 15 best rainmeter skins. 


15 Best Rainmeter Skins:

  1. Enigma:

Enigma is one of the rainmeter’s most primitive skins. This skin’s immense success shows its ability to provide users with an enthralling experience. The skin is ideal for those who enjoy adjusting the widgets on their desktops and trying out new things regularly. The theme includes many sub-modules, including a machine information display and a world clock. The theme will allow you to position all of the widgets and details in the center of the screen, or spread them out along the edges. Overall, there are a plethora of different choices to choose from.


  • It’s one of the best and most effective rainmeter skins available for all Windows desktops.
  • The skin contains a wealth of knowledge right on the computer and can be easily personalized.
  • Individual sub-modules can be easily configured and managed.
  1. EkerLina:

EkerLina is perfect for Windows users looking for plain and simple rainmeter skins. It has a fresh and clean appearance and almost all of the widgets and customizations that one would expect from a rain meter skin. It includes weather information, RSS feeds, and even media control. EkerLina can assist users in organizing their data in the most efficient manner possible. Date and time, as well as drive and device folder shortcuts, are among the other types of information shown by EkerLina.


  • The skin was created to promote creativity and innovation.
  • Different elements may be tailored to meet specific needs.
  1. Elegance 2:

When it comes to the best rainmeter skins, nothing beats Elegance 2. It’s all very elegant, and it lives up to its tag. This light suite is ideal for those who are just beginning to experiment with rainmeter skins. The skin shows all relevant information, including weather, emails, and the media player, as well as CPU and RAM use. The fonts in this theme are simple and go well with the cool wallpaper available. Aside from the clock, there are options for displaying the date, monitoring the device, and displaying the currently playing music on the machine.


  • Any skin included with Elegance 2 comes with the option to change the highlight hue. As a result, you can use white for the main skins and another highlight color of your choice for the highlights.
  • Lightweight and elegant rainmeter skin that blends in seamlessly with the original desktop’s background picture.
  1. NXT OS:

NXT OS is for you if you want to have a whole new experience with your computer. This rain meter skin was inspired by the fictional machine rainmeter widgets for its futuristic nature.

The skin also includes a game drawer that allows users to access all of their favorite games simultaneously and without difficulty, thanks to an integrated music player and clock in the middle. It even has a scrollable dock to keep the most frequently used items right at the users’ fingertips.


  • The unique features of this skin will revolutionize the way you use your computer.
  • Users can connect an infinite number of icons to the dock. Users can easily scroll through the icons in the dock once there are three of them.
  • This skin’s Center Clock isn’t just a clock; it’s also a music controller. When the users start playing music, the clock automatically turns into a playback controller. 
  1. Windows 2019:

Windows 2019 will be an excellent option for those who enjoy trying out fun and detailed rainmeter skins that look just like Windows. This skin provides users with news and weather alerts, as well as a built-in music player. This futuristic skin has been created with the future of Windows in mind. Video, audio, system operations and the recycle bin all have their icons. They’re on the left-hand side of the desktop, near the bottom. When the recycling bin is complete, the icon turns red, which is one of the skin’s most intriguing features. Windows 2019 also reveals the user’s to-do list, as well as the time, date, and weather.


  • Sub-modules of this suite are accessible directly from the screen, ensuring that users have little difficulty finding them.
  • It is one of the most common skins because it provides the ideal setup for personalizing one’s desktop.
  1. Rainmeter:

As the name implies, this skin can make you feel like an artist who is using the most artistic palette to decorate your desktop. This rainmeter skin features 4K wallpapers and provides users with information about their network, music player, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Palette is a rain meter skin that will not only help you make your desktop more beautiful and appealing but will also provide you with choices to make working on your computer more enjoyable.


  • It has a one-of-a-kind architecture.
  • The font sizes, width, and height can all be adjusted in this highly customizable skin.
  • Music, user information, device details, records, network details, recycle bin, date, and time are among the basic elements.
  1. Rainworks:

Rainworks is without a doubt one of the most customizable rainmeter suites, with over 30 different skins and a multitude of styling options. The Rainworks Rain meter skin is designed for users who don’t want to deal with a lot of fuss when it comes to changing the look of their computers.


  • It’s easy to use at either the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Users can easily edit the active templates and even the skin’s variables by simply middle-clicking on them.
  • The majority of the skins included in this kit are either upgraded or basic.
  • Many of the skins have different dropboxes and widths.
  • The procedures for changing the settings and editing the skin layouts are simple and straightforward.
  1. Glass Shards:

Glass Shards can be the ultimate rainmeter skin for those who are simply enamored with nature and its wonders. Nonetheless, fans of science fiction will enjoy this suite. As a consequence, it appeals to both extreme and limited customizers. Glass Shards is one of the most sought-after rain meter skins on the web. The skin includes a variety of features, including weather forecasting, audio visualization, date and time, powerful Windows shortcuts, battery use, device monitoring, and more.


  • Themes of Glass Fragments tend to be initial shards in translucent bottles. 
  • Users can see the current time, battery level, disc space, CPU use, weather feature, and RAM use via the broken glasses.
  1. Titillium:

Rainmeter skins with a minimalistic style are in high demand among desktop users. This is because minimalistic designs give the impression of a clean and fresh desktop. When it comes to finding the best rain meter skins, Titillium is the most elegant and innovative choice. The skin looks great with a variety of wallpapers and shows current weather, machine resources, date, and time, as well as a very impressive and useful audio visualizer.


  • It displays information about the recycle bin and available hard drive space.
  • The skin also uses simple and elegant fonts to display data and statistics.
  1. Sticky Bar:

This is a super-efficient and clear rainmeter skin that will certainly turn your desktop. Sticky Bar is the best option for those looking for minimal skins with a fresh appearance. The skin shows the date, time, machine resource use, and weather, as well as allowing you to shut down your computer. It has a download directory with a large selection of wallpapers.


  • Beautiful wallpaper set to fit the tastes of the users.
  • Easy theme with a lot of useful functionality.
  1. Mond:

Mond is one of the most common rainmeter skins among desktop users, owing to its ability to blend in with any wallpaper. Furthermore, the skin can be conveniently customized, and users can also add several widgets to their desktops.


  • Mond is the best option for you if you’re looking for fancy fonts in your themes.
  • Mond is a stunningly elegant and functional desktop skin with a user-friendly GUI.
  1. Illustro Monitor:

Illustro Monitor is the first rainmeter skin, and it does an outstanding job of reporting on RAM use, CPU temperature, and hard disc space. This display skin is especially useful for people who use high-end software or have over-clocked CPUs.


  • This rain meter skin’s user interface is very good.
  • It provides users with a wide variety of customization options.
  1. Hyperlinks:

This is yet another wonderful and useful rain meter skin that you’ll often see people using on their laptops. Since there is a top-bar icon with customizable hyperlinks, the skin allows desktop functionality far simpler. Along with the Spotify visualizer, there are also time and date widgets. Having this rain meter skin on your desktop allows you to quickly switch to any site in a matter of seconds, which is very convenient.


  • FLHUD helps users to view device statistics and alerts without having to go through any hassle.
  • It also assists them in arranging various desktop functions to make access more simple and straightforward.
  1. Moderate:

One of the most enticing aspects of this rain meter skin is that it resembles the Android user interface. A quick settings toggle, launcher, and music controls are all included in the skin.

Many of the skin’s features are accessible from the desktop or home screen. So, when it comes to using the theme on your computer, you have nothing to be nervous about.


  • Moderate is ideal for laptops with touchscreens.
  • It provides the ideal blend of familiarity and aesthetics between the desktop backdrop and the skin.
  1. Ageo:

This is a minimalist rainmeter skin that gives every desktop a material appearance. It includes widgets for time, date, weather, and music player. All about Ageo is minimalistic in appearance and well-organized, from the beginning to the end. As a consequence, using this rain meter skin will not be a bad choice.


  • It also has running widgets with inspiring quotes on them. This is one of the skin’s most impressive qualities.
  • The skin displays information such as the music player, time, date, and music bee coordination. Important files and applications can also be accessed via shortcuts.

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One of the best things about the rain meter is that it not only provides a fantastic experience for its users, but its skins are also totally free, so you won’t have to worry about wasting your hard-earned cash. Windows has a fantastic user interface. However, it can become tedious at times. This is why a lot of Windows users opt to resize their icons and change their wallpaper. Using the best rain meter skins allows users to personalize their desktops and make them more visually pleasing and colorful.






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