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Best Password Managers Free and Paid for MAC, iOS, Android, and Windows

A password manager is a software program that lets users store, create, and manages password applications. A password manager allows you to create and find complex passwords. You can store them in an encrypted database, or compute them. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Password Manager Free And Paid for MAC, iOS, Android, and Windows.


List of 10 Best Password Managers:

  1. Zoho Vault:

For anyone looking for all-around protection, Zoho Vault is a fantastic password manager.

Vault’s free edition is possibly the most feature-rich free version available right now, earning it a spot among the best free password managers. Zoho Vault will work with a wide range of applications, from Box and DropBox to Office 365 and Lucidchart. It allows you to store an infinite number of passwords, notes, and other sensitive information. You can also import passwords from other password managers or the browser. This software comes in four different versions such as free, standard, professionals, and enterprise.

  1. Kaspersky:

In the field of digital and cyber-security, Kaspersky is a household name. The features and pricing of Kaspersky’s password manager enable it to live up to that reputation.

Users can store contact information, emails, notes, and photographs in the vault in addition to usernames, passwords, and credit card information. Another feature that inspired us was the app’s ability to run offline applications. It provides limitless encrypted cloud safe storage for data such as passports, identification cards, insurance cards, and more. This software comes in two versions such as free and premium.

  1. McAfee True Key:

McAfee True Key is one of the top ten password managers on the market. It has excellent security features and an easy-to-use user interface. Furthermore, its multi-factor authentication function is top-notch. Apps like password sharing, tracker blocking, and email masking are noticeably absent from the app, but it does manage to cover the majority of the essentials. It provides instant access to your online accounts by automatically saving your login credentials.

You can sync it to all of your devices and use it whenever you want. This software comes in two versions such as free and premium.

  1. Dashlane:

Dashlane is one of the finest password managers available today, thanks to its foolproof protection and affordable pricing plans. Dashlane is simple to use, secure, and, most importantly, offers excellent value for money. Dashlane also has a free edition that is, without a doubt, one of the best available. The paid models, however, with features like multi-device sync and priority support, are just too good to pass up. Dashlane monitors the web in real-time and sends you instant notifications whenever your data is accessed. It allows you to store an infinite number of passwords. This software comes in three versions such as free, premium, and premium plus.

  1. Password Boss:

Password Boss is one of the top-notch password managers for Mac and Windows PC because it manages to cram almost all of the best security features into one attractive and affordable app. Passwords, credit card details, and notes can all be stored in the app. A security evaluator is also included in the app, which tracks the internet and notifies you if your information is at risk or has been compromised. Furthermore, in addition to the free edition, the app provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on the paid version, allowing users to try the paid version before deciding whether or not to proceed. This software comes in five versions such as free, premium, and families, standard and advanced.

  1. Bitwarden:

Bitwarden is one of the cheapest and most effective open-source password management programs available. It stores confidential personal data in an encrypted storage area. It can be used to store and sync data by teams, companies, and even individuals.

Bitwarden has a Premium edition that includes advanced two-factor authentication as well as the ability to act as an authenticator. The free edition has a lot of features, but the paid version isn’t that expensive and is fairly budget-friendly. This software comes in two versions such as free and premium.

  1. LogMeOnce:

LogMeOnce is a password management program. It offers many more top-notch features. It can generate strong passwords as a tool. It also comes with a password capture and replays function, which is very useful. The best part is that LogMeOnce has a passwordless default login process that is carried out through smartphone-based authentication. We do so because LogMeOnce is one of the best password managers available, with more functionality than any other program. This software comes in four versions such as professional, premium, ultimate, business & enterprise.

  1. RoboForm:

RoboForm is a time-saving and useful application that allows users to securely store and view their passwords. The auto-fill function can be used to fill out long web forms with personal information. It has an option to automatically save new passwords and keeps all of your passwords in one location. It is the best free password manager for Android, iPhone, and Linux, in our opinion. After a period of inactivity, the app locks. Also, it synchronizes all of your passwords across all of your devices and computers. This software comes in three versions such as free, everywhere, and premium.

  1. Google Password Manager:

The Google Password Manager has several advantages, including fast registration and ensuring that each account has a unique password. However, some people believe that being a part of Google’s ecosystem is a disadvantage. A password manager’s job is to generate secure, unique passwords that can be controlled from a central location. Google Password Manager is already built into Chrome, saving the user time and resources that would otherwise be spent on another program. This software comes in one free version.

  1. Enpass:

Enpass is a successful cross-platform password manager program. Passwords and other documents are safely saved when a master password is used. However, we believe it is best for personal and business users because it only provides basic functionality.

The desktop application is useful because of its customizable password generators, which enable users to safely store all kinds of important data, including passwords, financial details, and more. This way, in addition to saving a password, the user can also use it as a digital wallet, storing credit card and bank information, as well as personal IDs. This software comes in one free version.

So, the list of best password manager applications is done! Choose the application that suits your requirement.






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