10 Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Windows in 2021

Technology has made crafted by people simple, prior where individuals used to compose each work on paper now it has become exceptionally simple. You can just utilize the free spreadsheet software to compose anything identified with work and offer them to your colleagues quickly. Each business proprietor utilizes a spreadsheet to monitor work, disperse work, ascertain figures, and numerous different functions.

To assist you with the best spreadsheet software, we have curated a rundown. Allude to the rundown to know more with regards to the software and provisions.


1. Microsoft Excel

One of the most seasoned and the best free spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. This software is likewise the default software that all Windows clients get. The software was launched in 1987, following a year Microsoft incorporated this software as the critical part of the Microsoft Office suite in 1995. The Excel spreadsheet software offers a limit of 17,179,869,184 cells and different components to make the existence of people easier.

The interface of the software is truly straightforward, it is even educated to the understudies of primary school. It also has state-of-the-art channels to assist you with enormous data sets and you can even add an adaptable access toolbar.

However, the program accompanies the Office 365 suite which costs $69.99/year.

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2. Apple Numbers

The following spreadsheet software is for Apple clients, on the off chance that you have a Mac or iPhone, you more likely than not seen the Numbers software on your devices. This software has an extremely spotless and current interface which may intrigue you. Not at all like Microsoft Excel, the Numbers software has a lot more provisions to bring to the table to its clients.

The software in addition has templates that you can use for your normal assignment. These templates save your time while playing out the assignments. However, assuming you need to utilize this software for enormous data sets then this software may baffle you.

This is free spreadsheet software for all Mac clients.

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3. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is another best free spreadsheet software for Windows and Mac. To utilize this astounding software you need to have a Google account, you can just sign in with that record and partake in the spreadsheet. The best part about the Google sheets is that you can keep individuals on the up and up with the documents and it works continuously.

You can monitor individuals who are utilizing the Sheets other than you. The program can consequently sync with the G Suite apps. It has a large number of traditional mathematical and logical functions.

This spreadsheet software is truly outstanding and effectively open programs. You can utilize this program on any device. The client can utilize this software for free till they top off the 15GB free stockpiling.

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4. Quip

Next in the rundown of the best free spreadsheet software for Windows, we have Quip. This is an exceptionally unique spreadsheet program. It not simply just offers the components of a spreadsheet yet it likewise allows the client to chat with others while utilizing the program. You can stay aware of the colleagues while altering or chipping away at the spreadsheet.

The software was established in 2012 which later in 2016 was gained by Salesforce. While utilizing the software you can without much of a stretch switch between the archives easily. The software offers various easy routes to facilitate crafted by the client. It additionally offers in excess of 400 functions to help each client. All things considered, the software is truly simple to utilize and is one of the most mind-blowing spreadsheet software.

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5. EtherCalc

EtherCalc is direct spreadsheet software that can play out all assignments without any problem. The best part about the programs is that it is free to utilize. You don’t need to introduce this program; you can undoubtedly utilize it on your program without allowing them to consume the circle space.

You can without much of a stretch make however many spreadsheets you need. Each spreadsheet will have an alternate URL that you can use to share and alter the documents. This is actually similar to the old spreadsheet software as it was launched in 2006 and from that point forward it has not changed a lot. Assuming you need the old spreadsheet program then you might want it however in the event that you have utilized any most recent programs, you may despise this program.

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6. Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheets is another cloud-based spreadsheet program that you can attempt on the off chance that you wish to save space on your PC. The software has more than 350 provisions which make it simple for the client to utilize. It has some extra components like pivot tables, data validation, and conditional formatting. It besides upholds 23 languages which is an extraordinary sign. Assuming you have clients from different nations, likewise, you can impart the project to them.

Zoho has a free plan for groups of up to 25 individuals where it offers an extra room of 5GB. You can even take the paid plan of the software which costs $4 per client each month.

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7. Apache OpenOffice Calc

This spreadsheet was at first launched as an open-source option in contrast to Microsoft Excel. At first, the software was launched in 2001 as OpenOffice Calc however later in 2011, it was given to Apache. The organization is attempting to modernize the software step by step, you can observe some astounding components in the software that can make your work simple.

Probably the best elements of this spreadsheet software are scenario manager and natural language formulas. It upholds different stages including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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8. Libre Office

Next is one more incredible free spreadsheet software for Windows 10 and more established versions. You can utilize this software through the web which needn’t bother with any space from your plate. This software can be the best pick on the off chance that you wish to oversee enormous data sets. The software can undoubtedly play out its capacity while having enormous data sets. It just needs synergistic capacities.

This free software has in excess of 300 provisions to bring to the table which incorporate DataPilot tools. The UI is obsolete however at that point the elements made up for that.

9. Smartsheet

This is an extraordinary instrument for teaming up and project management. You can continue to refresh the work while the other partner continues to check it, that is the thing that makes it the best spreadsheet software for Windows. You will perform different functions after the spreadsheet is altered. You can tweak the current project and its templates.

To check the status of the project the software has a different element name Kanban View, utilizing this component you can continue to follow the advancement. This is an incredible option in contrast to the spreadsheet you can play out the manner in which you need to utilize this software. The main negative with regards to this software is that it can not be considered as a free spreadsheet software for Windows as it requires a subscription of $14 each month.

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10. Airtable

To wrap things up we have Airtable spreadsheet software. This is fundamentally the same as software to Google Sheets, yet it has some preferred components over its competitors. By and large, the software is designed flawlessly to further develop efficiency and facilitate the working of each client. The software offers different templates, a project tracker, a content schedule, a business CRM, and item planning-like components.

It has each component which a spreadsheet software ought to have including the pivot tables and graphs. The software is accessible for free, on the off chance that you wish to upgrade to the business plan, you need to subscribe for $10/month.

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