5 Best Ad Blockers

5 Best Ad Blockers for Browsers

Ad Blockers: You sit down in front of your PC, open your web browser, all ready to start your work, or take a break from it. You visit your favorite website or tell your search engine to find something for you related to your research, you reach the website you wanted to visit and all you see are advertisements flooding your screen. So many advertisements you are not even sure what is ad advertisement and which one is the actual content that you came for in the first place.

Websites have mostly always been free to use and free to visit, the compromise being the ads that you see on these websites. Ads can make you go mad with fake click baits and pop-ups which can easily make you lose your mind.

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So many ads, so little space

Enter, ad blockers, the divine intervention by internet gods to protect you against the onslaught of irritating and distracting ads that eat away precious time and resources of your computer and you.

Ad blockers have become the most common and most widely used extensions and plug-ins used across all browsers. The first thing you add to your new web browser is an ad blocker which is enough to signify how much of nuisance ads can be.

But not all ad blockers work the way you want them to and most often than not you see ads that pass through the cracks requiring you to personally block them. 

Here are 5 Best Ad Blockers:

Adblock Plus: Available for all major web browsers as well as for mobile platforms, AdBlock plus has become one of the most popular ad blockers all over the world. It is available for all major web browsers in the form of extension and provides extensive ad blocking capabilities and filters malware. Additionally, you can set custom filters and even whitelist websites you want to support by the way of allowing them to show ads.

AdBlock: The most downloaded extension for Chrome and Firefox, Adblock is the most well known and most used ad blocker on the internet. You can create your own block list as the blocker automatically blocks content from known ad servers.

AdBlocker Ultimate: It is a free browser-based web blocker that prides itself on not letting any ads through and with no corporate sponsorships, it does not have any whitelisted website or ad that can pass through the filters.

Ublock Origin: uBlock is another ad blocking extension that has its won filter list and blocks all malware and advertising sources and servers. The biggest advantage it has is of low resource consumption and the ad blocker is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Ghostery: Considered to be the best ad blocker available, the blocker is available for all major web browsers and also for mobile platforms and also as a desktop application. All your information is detected and taken by third parties and is overwritten by it which makes your presence anonymous and keeps your data protected.

Choose one of these and make sure that you get rid of the irritating ads for good.






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