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How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone | Features and All Your Questions Answered

Get to know more about Apple Pay

Technology is continuously creating innovative ways to make our lives comfortable and easier. Nowadays hackers and security threats become more prevalent so there is a need for safer checkout. Therefore, contactless payment systems, like ApplePay, are thriving.

Through this, we’ll discuss all of Apple Pay and its benefits. 


What is Apple Pay?

Contactless payment mode, ApplePay is payment technology for Apple devices. It was designed to move customers into the world where they can access their credit and debit cards through iPhone or Apple Watch; this allows them to make the payment through the device instead of the card. 

Apple Pay is a digital wallet app that operates on Near Field Communication (NFC) to begin secure payment transactions between contactless payment terminals and Apple iOS devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and Apple Watch.

Apple Pay was announced by Apple on September 12th along with the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, but the services were not activated and later in October customers actually used it as a payment mode. ApplePay works with most of the credit cards, including MasterCard and American Express, Visa, and is available in more than 220,000 locations.

How to Setup Apple Pay?

To set up the Apple Pay Official Link you need to use the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad. Then your credit cards and debit cards will be stored in the Apple wallet and the data will be pulled automatically when you authenticate ApplePay to pay for any item. Below are the steps through which you can set up the Apple Pay on your device. 

  • In your iPhone, open Wallet. 
  • Click on the option Wallet & ApplePay. 
  • Tap to add Credit or Debit Card. 

Use the device camera to capture the information of your credit, debit, or store card. Once added, fill all the additional information needed. All the details will be verified by your bank, you will receive the unique code from your bankside over the call or text message, enter the code. Your card is verified, 

  • Click next, and your Apple Pay is ready to use.

Features and Advantages of Apple Pay

  • Security: 

Apple pay is featured with a lot of advanced technology to lower the risk of card information theft. While processing the payment through ApplePay, you don’t need the card details as the services use the unique device account number and this ensures that your information is secure. 

  • Fraud prevention: 

Apple Pay service is secured by advanced NFC technology (Near Field Communication) which lowers down the risk of fraud. This is beneficial for both customers and merchants.

  • Gigantic partnership and support: 

ApplePay has made partnerships across the world. It has signed up all major banks and credit cards, to offer a more convenient service to the customer.

  • Convenience:

It is convenient to make the payment through your phone as we always keep our phone close to us, no matter where we are. 

  • Add up all your credit and debit cards:

You can load as many as a debit card, credit card, or gift card you want into the ApplePay system to make the payment. So collect them all together in one place and use them easily whenever you want to buy the goods.

  • Free to use: 

All the banks, credit card payments, and PayPal payments would charge transaction fees, but ApplePay is free of any charges. If you are a retailer, you can sell your products and services without any charges.

  • Quick and fast payment: 

Apple Pay is the fastest and easiest mode of payment. Once you process the payment, you will get a verification notification. And you can verify your transaction quickly on your iPhone.

  • Internet connection is not needed:

No internet connection is required to access the payment on ApplePay. You can use it anywhere, even without the internet, while it does not add up the roaming charges. Additionally, you can also process the payment when your phone is on airplane mode.

How does Apple Pay work?

While making the payment through ApplePay you need to enter a PIN to verify your identity or you can use its Touch ID sensor, which is inbuilt in the home button of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. 

When it approaches the card reader, ApplePay automatically wakes up, without opening an app, press a finger to the sensor, and verify the payment. Your phone will beep or vibrate, which means that payment is successfully done. 

How to Pay with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

You can make the payment in stores and another place with your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can process the payment through ApplePay in stores, taxis, restaurants, vending machines, and many other places.

  • Pay with iPhone with Face ID

You can use your default card for payment by double-clicking the side button, and then looks at your iPhone to authenticate Face ID, or you can also enter your passcode. 

Hold your iPhone within a few centimeters away from the contactless reader until you see ‘Done’ and a ‘checkmark’ on the display.

  • Pay with iPhone with Touch ID

You can also use Touch ID to process the payment through Apple Pay. 

Hold your iPhone within a few centimeters away from the contactless reader until you see ‘Done’ and a ‘checkmark’ on the display.

Is there any apple charges? 

No, you need not pay any additional fees for payment.

Is there a limit for Apple Pay?

There is no limit for Apple Pay, which means you can fill your car up with fuel, pay at the weekly shop all with your iPhone. 

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What kind of stores accepts apple pay?

You can process the payment through ApplePay anywhere where contactless payments are accepted. The Apple pay is available where you see contactless payments symbol or the Apple Pay symbol near readers at the checkout section. 

ApplePay is supported by thousands of restaurants and stores and worldwide. Over 75 percent of restaurants in the US sustain ApplePay followed by 85 percent in the UK. Australia has is leading as 99% of stores and restaurants support this service.

A few of the US restaurants and stores that accept Apple Pay are Disney, Bloomingdales, McDonald’s, Duane Reade, Macy’s, Nike, Staples, Petco, Subway, Walgreens, Unleashed, Whole Foods, etc.

The UK has a reputable contactless payment system and you’ll be able to process all the payment through ApplePay. ApplePay is supported by many apps and also by the Safari web browser.

Security and Privacy Features offered by Apple Pay

Apple Pay is featured with advanced security technologies to ensure safe and secure transactions. The unique device code, which is used to process the payment, is assigned, encrypted, and stored securely store in chip and the device known as a Secure Element. No credit or debit card number is transmitted or stored on remote servers.  

This Device Account Number is conveyed with a transaction-specific dynamic security code when the payment is processed, so the actual card information is not used in the card processing service or the merchant.

Along with privacy, ApplePay stores your recent purchase information in Passbook. The transaction details are not stored on Apple servers or in the cloud, according to Apple.

Will I earn credit card reward points?

Yep! While Apple Pay is anonymizing your card details with a unique device number but your credit-card issuer handles the transaction, so your reward points will be credited your credit card.


There we have all the main reasons why Apple Pay? And all the benefits are discussed above.  As we all are moving towards a cashless economy. The Apple pay is very simple to use and allow the consumers to avoid banks and connect their credit card with the iPhone to process the payment while buying the goods.






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