How to Use Animated Backgrounds in Google Meet on PC and Mobile

Google as of late declared some new features coming on Android and its different administrations. Among these features, one of Google Meet’s Animated Background includes which allows you to change video background during Google Meet calls. You likely definitely realize that you can change the background in Google Meet yet presently you can utilize Animated backgrounds close to the static ones. Peruse on to know the subtleties.

Utilize Animated Backgrounds in Google Meet

You can change the video background in Google Meet to a new picture and you can likewise transfer your own custom background. Nonetheless, for animated ones, you can just select from pre-installed ones. Here is the step-by-step guide for something very similar.


1. Start an instant meeting on Google Meet or join an already started meeting.

2. Presently to change your background, click on three dots underneath your video feed.

3. From the menu, select “Change background”.

4. On the following menu, you will see various backgrounds, select from the three with a play button.

As a reference, you can utilize just in-built animated backgrounds and there are presently three alternatives accessible for the equivalent.

On Mobile

You can change your background in case you’re attending the meeting on versatile as well. Follow the steps referenced beneath:

1. Start a new meeting or join a generally begun one.

2. Presently tap on the background icon (three stars) on your video feed.

3. On the backgrounds page, go to “Filters” from the menu by swiping left.

4. Here you can select any effect and it will be an animated one.

So as you can see there is no animated background alternative on cell phones at this point yet you can utilize effects to partake in exactly the same thing.

Hence this is the way you can utilize animated backgrounds in Google Meet on versatile and PC. For all the more such tips and shortcuts, stay tuned!

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