How to Activate and Use FaceTime in iOS 15 and Monterey

We have used FaceTime on Mac and iPhone to lead a few official meetings, and it is one of the most mind-blowing video calling features accessible in the Apple ecosystem. It is amazingly simple to set up FaceTime on the smartphone and PC, however, you need to observe certain guidelines to make it work. The Cupertino-based organization optimized the feature on iOS and macOS software, however, it has a couple of limitations that you want to know about it.


How to activate FaceTime on iPad and iPhone?

There isn’t a very remarkable contrast between iPadOS and iOS, so take cues from us to enable FaceTime on your gadget.

  • Open the Settings > FaceTime.
  • Tap on the button to enable FaceTime.
  • An SMS will be sent from your mobile to Apple servers.
  • FaceTime will be activated once the mobile number is verified and registered on Apple servers.
  • Tap on “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.”
  • Tap on “Sign in” to use connected Apple ID or click on “Use Other Apple ID” for FaceTime.
  • iPad Wi-Fi users don’t have an option to add a SIM card, and they can use Apple ID (email address).
  • Your Apple ID will be connected to FaceTime.

I have connected my mobile number and Apple ID (email address) to settle on decisions or receive calls on my iPhone. Your iPhone will send an SMS to Apple servers, which will charge you a couple of cents. Make a point to have a credit balance in the account or else, this won’t work.

How to Make a FaceTime Call from the iOS gadget?

Interface your iPhone or iPad to the internet, and Wi-Fi is ideal.

  • Open the FaceTime app.
  • Tap on the + button located at the top-right corner.
  • Search for the contact with name, email address, and telephone number.
  • I have a contact saved in the gadget, and the telephone number and email address appear.
  • Tap on the contact to begin the conversation.
  • You have two options at the base and tap on “Audio” and “Video.”
  • The video call began.

That’s all you need to do to settle on a decision and receive a call.

How to set up and enable FaceTime on Mac and MacBook?

Apple cleverly embedded FaceTime across Mac PCs, so you will have the app installed in the latest macOS software. You can activate the audio and video calling feature in the Mac PC by following simple steps. In any case, I will show you extra settings that you ought to enable and avoid errors.

Ensure Mac is connected to the internet.

  • Click on “Finder” and open FaceTime app. You can find the app on the dock and click on it to open it.
  • Enter Apple ID and afterward click on “Next” to continue.
  • Enter the password and afterward click on “Sign in” to get to the dashboard.
  • You have logged in to FaceTime, however, it’s not enabled at this point.
  • Click on “FaceTime” from the top panel and afterward pick “Preferences.”
  • A little window appears on the screen, and you need to choose “Enable this account” under Apple ID.
  • There is an option “You can be reached for FaceTime at” and under it, you will find other contacts, for example, email addresses and telephone numbers.

You need to click on the contacts and let others contact you by it.

That’s all you need to do to set up and enable Face-Time on a Mac PC. You might experience errors, for example, “this account has no reachable addresses”, and you can tackle it by following official solutions.

How to make FaceTime audio and video calls from Mac?

Apple developers followed a similar design pattern on Mac and iPhone, so it will be similar to iOS software.

  • Open the FaceTime app from the Dock or Finder.
  • Enter a contact or email address or a telephone number.
  • The contact will appear on the screen and click on the Audio or Video icon located at the base.
  • Your contact will receive a call from you instantly.

The calling service is connected to the Apple ID and telephone number, so you will receive calls on various gadgets. Remember, you will receive a FaceTime call on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac simultaneously. You can answer the call on any gadget, and it will work perfectly, so you don’t need to respond to it on one gadget.


It’s not difficult to set up and use FaceTime on iPhone and Mac PCs. Your iPad Wi-Fi version can use Apple ID (email address) to send or receive calls from other Apple gadget users. You might experience issues or errors, yet don’t get deterred from it and search for solutions.

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