5 Best Spotify Alternatives in USA (Free and Paid) iOS, Android

Tired of using Spotify? First, check whether it is available in your country or not? Else, look for amazing Spotify alternatives.

As we all know that Spotify a digital music platform that allows users to listen to millions of songs. They can choose their favorite artists, albums, and songs to create their own list. Not always, you can listen to every artist of your interest. On top of that, it’s not available for free. 

So, here we have listed some free and paid Spotify alternatives with the best music streaming services.


List of 5 Best Spotify Alternatives in the USA


One of the best Spotify alternatives for the US and Canada users. With the help of Slacker, users can create their own playlist according to their favorite artist, genre, song, or album.


  • Available on Android, iOS, and Roku.
  • Learns your taste and preferences and give suggestions which you may like.
  • It has a free version with ads with 6 skip limit per hour. 
  • By upgrading to the Plus version, you can listen to music offline with unlimited skips.


  • Plus version is available at $4 per month.
  • The Premium version is $10 per month.


Soundcloud is a massive library with over 120 million tracks which is way bigger than Spotify. This worldwide collection comprises of popular songs and genre.


  • It is way bigger and cheaper than Spotify.
  • It has a stream of artists and their playlists. 
  • Users have the ability to skip tracks or remove ads.
  • Users can upload their own piece of music. 


  • The subscription price is $5.99 per month.
  • Pay for $12.99 for Soundcloud Go+.


Though it looks identical to Spotify it’s a worthy choice as a Spotify alternative. It comes in three versions: ad-supported, premium, and an elite version. 


  • Available for free.
  • It has more than 56 million music tracks on its platform.
  • Has premium plans that are cheaper in comparison to others.
  • High-quality music at pocket-friendly prices.  


  • Costs $4.99 per month.

YouTube Music:

It is similar to YouTube. In this app, you can play music videos. Also, one thing which is missing on YouTube is that you can listen to music while doing other things. Also, create small video popups for each song.


  • Free for downloading and usage.
  • Users can listen to music while chatting.
  • Just create a free Google account to enjoy streaming.
  • A perfect alternative for Spotify.
  • There are different genres for your different moods.
  • US, U.K, Canada, and Brazil users can use it.


  • Available for free. 


It is a next-level game music streaming alternative to Spotify. It has a library of 60 million songs which are popularly known for their audio quality. Its audio-quality is a great competition for Spotify and Apple Music. 


  • Worldwide used for its audio quality.
  • It comes with a hand-picked list of music.
  • 30 days free trial period.
  • Allows you to create your own streaming list.


  • After the trial period, it will cost $5.99.

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Take a look at these 5 best Spotify alternatives in the USA. Also, there are some more alternatives like Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes Music Store, etc. which can be used by the users around the globe. So, try any of these Spotify alternatives and play your favorite music without any break.






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