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10 Best Smart Rings | Features Top NFC Rings with Great Technology

Smart rings are the new thing in the department of technology-enabled wearables. The best part about them is that they have limitless possibilities and you don’t even realize that they are there. This makes tracking your daily routines a quick and easy task.

Do you want one for yourself but can’t decide which one to buy? Have a look at these top 10 smart rings in the USA that are running hot in the market.


Best Smart Rings:



Motiv rings have bagged the first position in the list of smart rings. They are designed for fitness lovers as it tracks their complete routine starting from waking up till going to sleep. 


  • Thin water-resistant body for attractive looks and enhanced safety
  • Heartbeat tracker for fitness lovers
  • Long battery life paired with quick charge technology
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring

Designed keeping in view Android users. Its germanium texture is highly attractive. They have a chip stored in them that can record screen lock, door lock, elevator card, etc. 


  • Inbuilt with NFC hardware
  • Attractive body with a solid and reliable metal
  • Support for Android phone and Window phone users

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Oura Smart Ring

These rings stores the most precise data related to sleep pattern, calories, and fitness and even understands the psychological signals of your body.  (Official Website)


  • Designed beautifully with a sleek body
  • Comes with HRV index
  • Records body temperature at regular intervals

Keydex NFC Multi-function Ring

This ring is embedded with the most unique design and is mostly preferred by females. This is mostly because they match their all-time fashion. 


  • Build with hard and solid ceramic material which makes it scratch resistant 
  • Perfect for people who are allergic to metals
  • Editing of name cards and the web address is convenient

Sopear Titanium Waterproof

Its simple and sleek design is the center of attraction for customers. A perfect combination for those who love beautiful rings with a box of features. 


  • It is designed to resist dust, water, and breakage
  • Equipped with a wireless chip which converts power to energy
  • No charging required

LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring

It acts as a personal security manager and is suited for both the genders. It is a stainless steel ring with overlaid silicon which gives it a completely classy look. 


  • Easy transfer through a single tap
  • No password required for unlocking the phone
  • Free from general damage and rust

Titanium NFC Smart Ring

This ring is best known for its simplicity and is mainly preferred by men. The design of this ring suits best in masculine hands. 


  • Built with NFC technology
  • Safe storage for personal information with 144-byte storage
  • Data transfer with a single touch

7 Smart Ring

This ring has a tangled design and is preferred by jewelry lovers. It is fitted with completely unique and advanced properties. 


  • Clinks you when your Smartphone is left behind
  • Notifies with new emails, messages, and calls
  • Installed with SOS feature for emergency

Wellus O2 Ring 

This ring keeps a close check on the saturation of oxygen overnight and notifies when the oxygen level decreases and even starts vibrating when the heart rate goes out of the threshold. 


  • Unique ring vibrator
  • Comes with USB (rechargeable) 
  • Built-in memory with adjustable vibration alerts


This can be considered as the first and the only device which can supposedly measure mindfulness. Whenever you meditate with one of the mediation sessions it has in the Dhyana app, this ring takes a measurement of your mindfulness. After that, it generates a comprehensive report which helps you in understanding your mindfulness progress.


  • It comes with a charging dock for wireless charging
  • Fitted with a heartbeat sensor
  • Comes with interchangeable clasps 


These incredible gadgets have a positive impact on our lives. Once you own these rings you can automatically identify the positive differences. With the use of these smart rings, the lives of people have become easy and practical. These rings give detailed information about their daily living whether it be related to their health or personal information.

The records saved in the storage of these rings are easy to compare and has made the life of its users completely simple and convenient. Various designs are available of various brands keeping in view the choice and preference of different users. Its price ranges between $100 and $110 depending upon the features. 






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