10 Best Rabbit Alternatives | Sites Like Rabbit to Watch Videos

We all are familiar with the thrill of being able to watch content online for free, but nothing beats being competent to share your joy with others. This is why several people would frequently tell you how hanging out with your friends in the real globe is way better than the internet. While there can be some truth to this on a specific level, a lot of people changed their point of view when Rabbit was made. 


10 Best Rabbit Alternatives:

What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit a website where one can stream movies for free. That’s not all. One can also make a room where they can invite their friends & family so they can all share content with everyone. So, if you were to make a room and share a movie clip, everybody in that room would be capable of watching together. There is also a chat option that lets people interact with each other. 

As a number of people loved the site, it eventually had to close down due to intellectual property issues. Fortunately, there is a ton of other sites that you can use on the internet. As a matter of fact, we listed 10 of the best Rabbit alternative sites that are worth your time this 2020.


Twoseven is a real-time video sharing program where you can access video content with your friends & family and interact with them using the chat feature. On the other hand, Rabbit was a full-fledged app with support for live audio interpretation, Twoseven does not have that. But, it focuses on three things: live reaction using a webcam, support for most video streaming services, & real-time experience with no latency. Twoseven has support for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, & more. 

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a top rabbit alternative website 2020 and is a well-liked co-watching platform that is incredibly similar to Rabbit in terms of features but devoted only for streaming Netflix content. It allows you to watch Netflix simultaneously with your loved ones in coordinated video playback. There is also an option for group chatting, which you can utilize to discuss the things about movies in real-time. Also, the chat feature also supports emojis, GIFs, & typing indicator, so that is best. The most excellent part about Netflix Party is that you don’t have to set up heavy software as it runs on web browsers only.


Metastream is our next pick for Rabbit alternative due to its major live synchronization playback. It uses its exclusive innovation to carry better live streaming to different individuals & with very nearly zero dormancy. 

Other than that, Metastream looks totally unbelievable with on-screen talk, video lining, & speedy user management. Further, it bolsters all noteworthy streaming administrations like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and so on. 

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ShareTube is a great and easy service that allows you to watch YouTube videos with your loved ones in a plain manner. You have to make a room & then share a YouTube URL to play the content in sync with other affiliates. A group chat preference can bring several degrees of interaction among the users in your room. It does not bring several necessary features of Rabbit, but ShareTube does what it is supposed to perform. I would suggest ShareTube if you like the practical experience of watching videos with your family and friends rapidly.


Watch2Gether is one of the well-liked Rabbit alternatives and recognized for its registration free streaming service. It lets you watch videos and other content in sync with your friends by making a chat room without signing up. It is an online video streaming service that is straightforward to use & allows you to invite users to join the chat. The video streaming is limited to supported platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo & Dailymotion. 


With Kosmi, you can spend time with your friends online. You don’t need to set up or even signup. You can effortlessly create a room where you can talk over webcam and chat. You can also share your browser tab or screen & share anything that is going on there.

As a Rabbit substitute, Kosmi also lets you watch synced YouTube & local video streaming services like Rabbit. You can also run NES & SNES Emulator and play games with friends. You can enjoy or play a game of Texas Holdem Poker, Quake 3, etc. Anybody can join the room directly with a URL.


Plex has a huge collection of movies & TV series if you desire to watch Plex with your friends and relatives. Then, SyncLounge is the best choice for you, unlike the abovementioned services, SyncLounge allows you to stream Plex content & share your screen with others. It let you to connect your Plex library and make a private room. It is an open-source service; that is very popular these days the developer brings a slew number of features to the service since the release.


Airtime is one of the top rabbit alternatives that work on mobile devices and let you watch together. It’s hard to find an app that works as well as Airtime. There are several things you can do with Airtime, such as: enjoying videos together, listen to music with group chat using vibrant stickers, send sound reactions, sending GIFs, & a lot more.


Here is another popular rabbit alternative called Syncplay. Syncplay allows you to enjoy the downloaded content on the computers for every OS like Linux, macOS, & Windows. It is an excellent alternative if you are into playing downloaded content as you can play offline using Media Player Classic & VLC, and Syncplay can broadcast the playbacks in private rooms. Share this secret room with your friends to enjoy things together with them.

Synap Top

We saved the most excellent for last. This one is not just excellent for entertainment but also for teamwork. The site is not recognized for chat functionalities, but you can connect in a video chat with your friends & watch movies together. 

If it is for work or school teamwork, you can set a meeting online if you cannot see each other in individual. This way, you are able to talk about with your partner’s the things that have been accomplished as well as the ones that have to be worked out. 






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