10 Best Discord Alternatives

10 Best Discord Alternatives | Mobile Apps Like Discord Similar Software

Nowadays every professional gamer is using a voice chat application. Discord is a top-notch communication platform for gamers. Using discord you can chat and talk with your friends or teammates while playing games. Millions of people use discord. But discord chats are not encrypted with end to end encryption. There are lots of discord alternatives. 

Here, we have prepared a list of 10 best apps as the discord alternative.


List of 10 best Discord Alternatives:

  1. Element:


If you’re concerned about your privacy then, Element is the app for you. This app offers an end to end encryption. It has matrix-based software. Primarily, this game is not for gamers. But you can share pictures, videos, and files with your gamers gang of any number using this app. It also supports video and voice chats. You can use this app on your iOS and Android device.


  • Bridges to different networks.
  • Supports widget.
  • Encrypted chats.
  • VOIP and video conferencing are applicable.
  1. Telegram:


Most of us know Telegram as a popular messaging application. But this app is loaded with a lot of useful features. It offers instant chatting, hosting communities, public channels, and much more. It supports video chats. Like discord, you can also Telegram to create huge groups and manage them. It is available on your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices for free.


  •     Encrypted chats.
  •     Can share large files.
  •     Can send pictures in their original resolution.
  •     Unlimited storage. 
  1. Overtone:


Overtone is specially designed to enhance the gaming experience. This app offers high-quality voice and text chats. You can play famous games like PUBG, Fornite, the world of tanks and among us using this app. Many famous gaming studios recommend this app. You can also play songs using this app while playing a game with your teammates. You can use this app on your iOS and Android devices.


  •     Doesn’t need a separate client system.
  •     Encrypted chats.
  •     Easy to set up games and invites.
  •     Built on VIVOX.
  1. Slack:


Slack is known as the best team chat software. This application offers a lot of third-party tools like Trello, GitHub, MailChimp, and much more. You can even mention a person by ‘@’ mentioning their name. It has robust integration. You can drop and drag channels. It is available on both the app store and play store.


  •     Syntax coloring.
  •     Supports multiple teams.
  •     It has premium features.
  •     Inline links.
  1. Teamspeak 3:

Teamspeak 3

Teamspeak offers crystal clear sound quality voice chats. You can experience a lag-free gaming experience. It offers a cross-platform service with encrypted chats. Users privacy is their priority. You can even choose with whom you want to talk. It offers a cloud-based service so that you can synchronize your server settings. It’s available for both Apple and Android users.


  •     Ad-free.
  •     Data usage is minimum.
  •     Allows users to use anonymously.
  •     You can choose your server.
  •     You can manage contacts.
  1. Skype:


Skype is a widely used application for video conferencing. You can make one to one or group video or voice calls using this app. If you want an app with top-notch software and privacy you should use Skype. Unlike discord, using Skype you can share your screen and you can also be a part of it. Also, you can share files and open multimedia files. Available on app store and play store.


  • Offers Cross-platform usage.
  •  Free and safe.
  • You can send SMS and make regular calls.
  •  Easily connects and minimum data usage.
  1. Mumble:


Mumble is a high-quality open-source voice chat software designed exclusively for gaming. Chats are end to end encrypted. Its authentication feature doesn’t let random people enter the chat room. This app is helpful for community members. Available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows.


  •     You can create different channels.
  •     Make private or public servers.
  •     You can share encrypted texts and media files.
  •     VOIP and video chats.
  1. Tox:

Tox - Tecksolving

Tox provides military-grade encryption. This application is easy to use. Other people can’t read your forum texts. You also share your screen. You can share multimedia files. You won’t face server outage problems using this app. Tox supports texting, voice chats, and video chats. It’s only available for Android.


  •     Instant messaging service.
  •     Unlimited file sharing.
  •     No central servers.
  •     Chat with people from around the world.
  •     Encrypted chats.
  1. Steam Chat:

Steam Chat

Steam chat has its messaging service, especially for gamers. You can make your unique URL and share it with your friends to play games. Random people can’t enter your game room. You can kick out other members. You can even use the service without downloading steam on your system. This app is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, and Linux.


  •     Users can make and check your friend’s list.
  •     You can send invite links.
  •     You can customize notifications.
  •     You can send GIFs, Giphy, and emojis.
  •     Encrypted chats.
  1. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft team is a video conferencing application powered by office 365. It offers end to end encryption and administrative control. You can share multimedia files and chat with everyone in your group. It offers high-quality voice and video chats. You can also add Microsoft apps and third party services. You can use this app on Apple and Android devices.


  •     It has built-in translators.
  •     You can blur your background.
  •     Encrypted chats.
  •     Supports small and larger group chats.

Factors to consider before choosing the best Discord alternatives: 

  •     Privacy: It is the most important factor to check before using an app. The app you’re using must offer end to end encryption feature so that your conversation won’t get leaked.
  •     Sound and video quality: Suppose you’re gaming and suddenly you can’t hear your teammates. Isn’t that bad? So you should consider the quality of voice and video chats before using the app.
  •     Minimum data consumption: If the communication app consumes most of the data then other apps will start to crash. Your game will also start to lag. You should consider this factor before using the app.

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So, these are the 10 best alternatives to Discord. The apps we discussed in this article are the best gaming and also communication platforms out there and they can surely serve as a good alternative for Discord. If you’re using Discord for a while now and want to try a different app then you should give a try to all these apps. 





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