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10 Best Apps For Groceries Delivery For Android In USA

The notion of eating or dining outside in a fancy restaurant has undergone a seachange with an online food delivery service. Food Delivery apps have eased down the immediate hustling giving you the option to order from the comfort of your home. With the progress of time, the food delivery market is increasing at an alarming rate of almost 10% by 2023. 

With the onset of food delivery apps in our daily life, lots of businesses are using this lucrative market opportunity to come out with the food delivery app having some lucrative USPs in order to meet the increasing demand of the population. There are some mind-boggling food delivery apps and this article will cater to all those food delivery apps in various regions of the USA which are meant for groceries and other daily foodstuffs.

10 Best Delivery Apps in the USA

Amazon Shopping

This application has come up with a virtual market and they are intended to deliver food at the doorstep. Not every app has come up with the day to day delivery service but the majority of the places have not come up with same-day delivery service. All the daily essentials are available from Amazon such as food, gadgets, toilet paper, groceries, electric kettle, and, many more. So, you will get a plethora of items to choose from as per your budget and requirement.

Amazon App Google Playstore


This is one of the major food delivery apps in USA. It is available ow in almost 1100 cities and provides local delivery of food. Moreover, it works with various restaurants as well. It is listed as the 5th most installed food delivery app and comes with a user-friendly interface so that customers can easily search their favorite cuisine from the list.

This app comes with the option of advance booking prior to 4 days and has features such as ratings, Android Pay, PayPal support, basic search, and many more. 

GrubHub App Google Playstore


This is a delivery service app that comes with lots of stuff. It is basically a moving service and the majority of them used Dolly while relocating to a new residence. This service comes with Craiglist purchase, drop and pick up for donation, retail store pickups, removal of junk as well. This product is not available anywhere and it delivers products in only half a dozen cities in the USA.

Dolly App Google Play Store


This is a delivery app that is meant for foods technically. The service includes delivering groceries and not restaurant meals. Moreover, it also delivers other necessities such as flowers, diapers, etc. It is compatible with more than 150 stores including groceries such as Whole Foods and other stores like Target. You can get a whole lot of products from this store. There are certain additional features like coupons, a chat function, group shopping and many more. It is one of the most recommendable stores for online food delivery.

Instacart App Google Playstore

Local Grocery Store Apps

Most of the grocery stores come with delivery features and this one is quite a difficult one since it doesn’t have enough outlets to provide every country and the delivery options are available for only a few cities. There are very few options for coupons such as Kroger and Publix. There are other stores as well which comes with delivery options but the majority of them come with ordering as well as pickup. For the majority of the part, you need to examine the best grocery store to find out which product it delivers. But because of the present COVID 19 pandemic, there will be surge in the number of outlets.


This application is all in one shop for you. As per the recent statistics, they provide the majority of the essential commodities except for animal food, gift cards, etc. Postamtes have branches in several places and the service comes with lucrative features. So, far everything is very user friendly but at times there are certain issues lie infrastructure and customer service. You can order anything virtually, even a big screen TV.

Postmates App Google Playstore Link

Traditional Package Delivery Apps

This app is similar to USPS, FedEx, as well as other similar services. You just need to move to the designated place and hand over the entire package. They wlll take down the details and send it to the respective place. Most of the service includes pickup/drop facility. As a result, the concerned person will come to your doorstep and take the package to deliver. This service is not at all similar to the ones in Instacart or Postmates. They try to provide the best service as long as the package is correct and packed properly.

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It has retail stores all over the globe with a steady delivery service across a large area. It comes with groceries of all varieties. Even if the offline stores are closed you have the option to order products online by logging on to the app, create an order, and deliver to the respective location. Most importantly Walmart comes with a separate app to deliver products to the in-home delivery service. 

Walmart Google Playstore Link comes with a broad range of delivery services and provides lots of groceries. It is similar to regular restaurant services like DoorDash. But it also comes with alcohol as well as other beverages. Moreover, you have the option to arrange a re-order or pickup. This service is available in many cities across the USA. Although, it primarily works for restaurants you can choose other services as well. Google Playstore Link

Message to the Folks Worldwide

This post predominantly covers those outlets which are based in the USA. However, people staying outside the USA have options as well. There is a cursory search called Beelivery that provides grocery products in different provinces of the UK. For countries like India, BigBasket is available.

So, these are some of the viable options for the international folks So, do check these out. You will get an ample number of options if you browse through their website. The majority of the applications are available on Google Store. So, sit on your drawing roo, download the app, and other the daily commodities to make your daily task hassle-free.






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