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10 Best Android Apps For Sharing Files and Media

Best Apps for Sharing Files and Media: Sharing essential information that varies from gallery to other important documents is quite necessary nowadays. But the real problem arrives when we have to find an appropriate source to carry on this process. The traditional Bluetooth methods grab a lot of time from your schedule, while the messengers we generally use run through the internet.

So, sharing a lot of data through these online means is actually costly and considered unsafe. Spying is the threat which doesn’t let us dare to share our files through this medium. We have come up with a wise idea to let you know about all those important applications that make the process of sharing the files and other media easier without the necessity of the internet. Continue reading this article to discover them below with a clear explanation. Also, we have described the individual features to help you choose the best without any additional hustle.

1 Xender: Share music & Transfer files

Xender File App

This is a simple application that takes up only a little storage of 12Mb in your device and also compatible with all versions of your Android including KitKat. It simply switches on the direct Wi-fi feature in your smartphone and the same app must be installed in the device you want to share the files with. With a simple click, all your quintessential documents get transferred in a short span.


Shareit app for files sharing

This is the most famous application among all to share all types of media, documents, and also applications in a single click. SHAREit also enables the direct Wi-fi feature in your mobile and both the users must create an account before enjoying the features of this app. The stickers and unique profile names it offers help you in identifying the sender and receiver quickly. It also provides the feature for sharing of data among numerous users in a single step.

3 Zapya- File Transfer, Sharing Music Playlist

Zapya File sharing app

Due to its amazing number features, Zapya is also a famous app to share data with good reviews and ratings among users. It is also considered user-friendly as it not only helps you transfer media and documents but also the whole playlist in your music apps. Also, it provides a multiplayer game that you can play with Wi-fi features and text with all your friends simultaneously irrespective of them being Android or iOS users.

4 SuperBeam | Wifi Direct Share

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share

We recommend this application for the least storage it acquires in your device. It is also very easy to handle that even users with minimum knowledge can use it in one go. This app also uses the direct Wifi feature to distribute media or any other documents among friends. But the special add-on is the option where you can use the QR code to scan each other’s app to use it in seconds.

5 WeTransfer

WeTransfer Android App

This is our personal favorite application to share files and media of huge size within a short amount of time. Also, this app isn’t restricted to android but also helps both iOS and Android users to transfer the files without additional efforts. Unlike the other apps, it asks you to upload the files you want to share and also requests your email credentials. Within a few minutes, a personal link is generated and sharing the same with your recipient will help them download the file in seconds. There are very fewer apps which use this technique that is safe and also saves you a lot of effort.

6 Portal- Wifi File Transfers

Portal- Wifi File Transfers

This android application enables you to solve all your data sharing problems just by scanning a QR code. The recipient must scan the code in the sender’s mobile and it will transfer the desired document as fast as possible.

7 Pushbullet

pushbullet file transfer

The Pushbullet application is helpful for those who want to share small files within the limit of 25mb and also consumes very little space. We always find it as a quick option to download and share the documents of minimum size within a reasonable time. Unlike the direct Wifi features and QR codes, there arises a pop-up asking you to enter your receiver name and destination to pass the information.

8 Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Estmob Inc. developed this app to transfer multiple types of media and files at a faster pace. It helps to share the files in the most secure way possible. All you have to do is, install the app in both the desired devices and select the items. Later scan the QR code from the sender’s mobile or a 6 digit key. The best part of this app is that it consists of direct Wifi feature too. So, it is up to your comfort to select an appropriate way of transferring files.

9 Mi Drop- Share Music & Transfer Files

Share Music & Transfer Files - Mi Drop

This is one of the most recommended applications on Android devices for sharing documents and other media. Developed by Xiaomi, this app is the best option for the transfer of data between two Xiaomi devices. But other Android users can also benefit from its high-speed file transfer facility.  Another savior detail about this app is that it is absolutely free from all types of disturbing ads that hinder your sharing process.

10 Cm Transfer – Share any files with friends advice

Cm Transfer – Share any files with friends advice

Though there are better user-friendly applications available in the market, we personally suggest Cm Transfer for the mobiles with low storage problems. This app just requires some 4.4 Mb space and enables us to share all types of files with the help of a direct Wifi feature. All we have to do is to install the app and turn on the Wifi and hotspot in each other’s mobiles to enjoy the features.

So, these are the most authentic applications available on the playstore for all versions of Android. Each one is famous for transferring files and media quickly and doesn’t require an internet facility. All these differ in individual features they use but are secured and easy to use. To know more regarding this topic, do comment here.





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